Yes, Lip Gloss Is In Again — Here’s My Springtime Favorite

Lip gloss you have to try from eos - Ashley Brooke Designs

It’s a Priority

A few weeks ago my mom and I were out running errands and grabbing lunch for a little impromptu mother-daughter day. While zipping around town we were catching up and laughing about how often I find myself doing and saying things just as she does. Does that ever happen to you? You know what I mean, you say something and instantly think to yourself, “I sound just like my mother.” Or you do something just the way she would and it freaks you out for a hot second?! Yea, well that’s happening to me more and more. The good thing is that I love her and becoming just like her would be the total dream. But regardless, it’s still super weird. 

Anyway, we were talking about this in the car when we pulled up to our first stop of the day and both she and I, without thinking, pulled down the car visors, opened the mirror, and whipped out our lipgloss. It was freaky. We instantly burst into laughter as I said “nooooooo!!” out loud. Because that, right there, was the thing that drove me the most NUTS when I was growing up. I hated that as soon as we got to our destination, after patiently enduring the car ride, my mom would put the car in park and then apply her gloss. In all reality it only took an extra 1.5 minutes, but in my head it was AT LEAST an extra thirty. I would whine from the back seat, asking why she couldn’t apply her lipliner, lipstick, and gloss before we got in the car. The whole thing felt like pure torture to my impatient brain.


Lip gloss you have to try from eos - Ashley Brooke Designs


Yet there I was, doing the same darn thing, the thing I swore I’d never do! We both couldn’t stop laughing as she said: “I’m glad you now feel the same way I do about lip gloss, it’s priority.”

And she’s right!  It really is a priority for me and that’s where eos‘ Aqua Dynamic Lip Gloss comes in. As you know, I’m a lipstick girl, but I also don’t get dressed up every day because I work from home. So half of the work week I’m really only wearing tinted moisturizer, a swipe of mascara, a swirl of blush, and tinted lip balm or gloss… that’s it! So when I was introduced to eos’ new Aqua line the very first thing I wanted to try was the lip gloss. I had heard amazing things, but I just HAD to try it for myself and to be honest, I was kind of shocked when I did! 


Lip gloss you have to try from eos - Ashley Brooke Designs
Lip gloss you have to try from eos - Ashley Brooke Designs


The Aqua Dynamic Lip Gloss transforms to a unique shade of luminescent pink based on the chemistry of your lips.  If you were a kid in the 90’s, I know what you are thinking and you’re right, it’s just like a mood ring. I’ve tried products like these before but I’ve never liked the outcome… the color is off or it’s not actually pigmented. This one is perfect! Ryan must have asked me five times while we were photographing if I was really only wearing “that clear shiny stuff” and I kept saying “YES it’s chemistry!!!” But seriously, it’s really cool! Also, I love that it’s so hydrating, making it perfect for every day at my home office or a Saturday brunch date on the town. 


Lip gloss you have to try from eos - Ashley Brooke Designs
Lip gloss you have to try from eos - Ashley Brooke Designs


If you are like my mom and me and are a lipgloss girl at heart, you really have to try this one out, it’s truly amazing! And while you are at it definitely take a peek at the entire Aqua line, I’m personally obsessed with the glistening moisturizer and clay mask, both are incredibly hydrating and packed full of nutrients your skin needs like seaweed and Irish moss. But then again the entire line is really awesome. You can’t go wrong. 


Thank you eos for Sponsoring this post. 

Written entirely in my own voice and opinions are my own.





  1. March 22, 2018 / 8:55 am

    I’m going to have to try this lipgloss, it sounds so interesting! I’m going to pick it up from the store today- thanks for sharing 🙂

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    • Ashley Brooke
      March 26, 2018 / 10:47 am

      OMG, you will love it!! I promise! It’s amazing!
      xo – AB

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