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What to wear under…

From strapless to backless, today we are talking all about what to wear under those tricky pieces in your closest that you LOVE but never, ever wear. I too am guilty of buying an outfit that looks great in theory but in practicality will never really hold up. You know what I mean, a top that is adorable when you are standing only or a dress that works as long as it’s dark out. We all have those things hanging in our closets! Over the years, I’ve found a few things that really work and make me feel confident in just about any weird clothing option my heart desires. So, let’s get to it! 


What to wear under tops, skirts, dresses, and shorts? Blogger Ashley Brooke spills her secrets! |


1. Shimmy in Strapless

Whether it’s only strapless, or it’s both strapless and backless, I have the bra just for you! A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to this bra from Target that will change your life. I no longer even wear a strapless bra. This is the only one I have, and I love it! It sticks on and stays in place even during those hot summer months in Florida. I cannot recommend it enough, and it’s under $20!! They also have one that dips low for those plunging necklines as well! I’ve never used it before, but I’ve heard great things.

*Also, I need to note here before we get too far into the bra discussion that I am not the authority on bras! I’m not super curvy up top (I can only wish!) so if you are, A. go you! and B. The Manrepeller wrote a post on it that may be helpful. 


What to wear under tops, skirts, dresses, and shorts? Blogger Ashley Brooke spills her secrets! |


2. Overcoming the Sheer 

I feel like I come across this issue more and more – some of my dresses are down right see through. Mostly it’s with the less expensive dresses, but even some really beautiful ones from higher-end stores, like this one from Anthropologie, are coming in see though. So instead of not wearing them, I always have a slip near by! This short slip ($14) is my number one go-to because it’s light weight and easy to wear. Also, I love the waistband because it doesn’t leave any lines, which is really nice! I also always keep  a full dress slip ($18) within arm’s reach as well! I’ve been known to wear beach cover-ups as dresses, and this is how I do it! 


What to wear under tops, skirts, dresses, and shorts? Blogger Ashley Brooke spills her secrets! |


3. Smoothing Out the Lines

Whether it’s a form fitting dress or a high-waisted pair of shorts like these… lines are a problem! They always make me feel incredibly self conscious, so I’m very careful to pick the right thing to wear under a pair of shorts or really anything that isn’t denim. This pair of underwear from Victoria Secret (5/$28) have been my go-to for years! I have them in both nude and black, and I always wear them with form fitting clothing! 

Hopefully these undergarments will help you feel confident the next time you get dressed! 


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After getting to the bottom of this post, I’m just now realizing that nothing I just mentioned was flirty, lacy, sexy, or dainty in any way, shape, or form… ha! Honestly, that’s because the clothing that is meant to be worn over top of these undergarment “tools” (let’s just call them what they are, utilitarian dressing tools!) is flirty, lacy, sexy, and dainty! So, pick your battles! ­čśë 


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