Easy Breezy Dresses Under $50

Sharing a few reasons why I love this $35 dress (pictured), plus a roundup of easy breezy Spring dresses under $50!

A Spring Dress that is Back Porch …

The perfect dress for a backyard party, Easter, or Saturday Farmer’s Market. I’ll give you several reasons why this blue & white maxi is a worthy addition to your Spring wardrobe.

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DIY: How to Make Dolly’s Bow …

Dolly and her bow collar, have you ever seen anything cuter?! It may be me justing being a proud “momma,” and due to a literal tsunami of questions related to where I got her bow, I figured a post about it was more than appropriate. Spoiler alert: I made her bow and here’s a video tutorial with all the details!

Charleston, South Carolina

Restyling Colorful Closet Staples

What happens when you restyle some old staples from your wardrobe? For me, this most recent time I ended up matching an actual rainbow, as in Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC!  Here’s a little bold and bright inspiration covering everything from light sweaters and skirts to heels!

5 Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Want …

Five Mother’s Day gift ideas that are both affordable and out of the box. But be careful! They’ll have you wanting to double up on your purchases – one for her and one for you!

Orlando, Florida

Choosing for The Perfect Mother’s Day …

Look no further! Honestly, it’s not easy to find a gift for your mom or wife on Mother’s Day. Being a mom is a selfless job, so even when asked, they’re not quick to hand over their itemized wishlist. If you’re looking for that “Perfect Mother’s Day Gift”, here’s an idea that just might save the day!

Orlando, Florida

3 Tips For Hosting a Bridal Shower

  Let’s Throw a Shower! I am no stranger to hosting showers.  Actually, I might even be called a professional “Bridal Shower Thrower” by this point in my life.  It’s like 27 Dresses, except with showers.  I’m not complaining, I…

Charleston, South Carolina

Long Hemmed and Ladylike in Charleston

On our last trip in Charleston I picked up this retro cherry-patterned dress and have been in love with it ever since. The chance to photograph it as we explored Charleston’s historic district was just too good to pass up. So take a peak and let me know if you’re intro the long hem, retro look!

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

The Perfect Dress To Pack This Season

If you are looking for the perfect, easy-to-pack, dress to take with you on all of your travels this season, consider it found!

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