Painting the Cabinets Green

Finally decided to paint our cabinets, which was just half the battle! Next we had to find the perfect green paint to finish the job. We tested over a dozen paints and finally found THE ONE.


DIY Kitchen Renovation: The Plan

A kitchen renovation has literally been on our list for YEARS, and it’s finally happening! Here’s the first of many posts, but outlining our inspiration, list of updates, appliances we’ve *already* ordered, and more!

Crushing on green

You may remember just last week when I asked you the question “Would You Paint Your Kitchen Green?” Truthfully, I thought I was just in a phase, but NOPE.

Would you paint your kitchen green?!

image via @graybenko ¬†| Would you paint your kitchen green? Before you answer that, read this! Going deep into kitchen design inspiration as we get ready to redo ours ūüėČ

DIY Monogrammed Beach Tote

Monogrammed totes showed up few Summers ago and are no less popular today! They can also run you upwards of $200 in stores, which is why we decided to make our own at my latest Girl’s Craft Night. All in, this will cost you $20 and a bottle or wine if you decide not to go it alone. Here’s the ultimate guide to painted monogrammed totes!

Master Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1, The White Paint

After years of avoiding working on our master bedroom, Ryan and I decided it was finally time! We decided that painting was the best place to start. Choosing white paint can be tricky, so here’s what we learned about finding that perfect shade of white, plus the before and afters photos! 

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