Easy Granola Bite Recipe! (+video!)

First off, I’m so excited because we made a video! It’s been literally FOREVER since we’ve done a tutorial video, and I am thrilled to be bringing them back in a huge way. We toyed around with what to do our first tutorial video about and ended up landing on my favorite gluten free, dairy free, and soy free granola bite recipe. I love this recipe because…

Healthy GF/DF Egg Muffin Recipe


Breakfast of Champions!

We are breakfast people. We can not, will not, pass go without it! I have always marveled at those people who skip random meals like breakfast or lunch, we are not those people. I wish I could occasionally on a busy morning just run out the door with a cup of coffee sans breakfast, but I pinky promise you that the world is a much better place that I don’t. Both Ryan and I get HANGRY, like really really hangry and it’s just best for all of humanity that we eat breakfast. We both tend to get our workouts in early in the morning which means we are all the more hungry by the time 7:30 a.m. rolls around and in need of real food.

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