Dust Off That Sewing Machine!

I’ve restarted an old hobby, sewing, and loving every second of it. If you’re wanting to get started (or re-start!), here’s some inspiration, a few sewing machines, and a tutorial at the end to get you going.

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How To Tie-Dye: Links & Sources

Tie-Dye! A fun, easy, and colorful DIY. Everything you need to know about tie-dye from the $14 kit to the tutorials I watched.

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DIY Monogrammed Beach Tote

Monogrammed totes showed up few Summers ago and are no less popular today! They can also run you upwards of $200 in stores, which is why we decided to make our own at my latest Girl’s Craft Night. All in, this will cost you $20 and a bottle or wine if you decide not to go it alone. Here’s the ultimate guide to painted monogrammed totes!

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