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Floral Dress (similar) c/o //  Shoes c/o // Lipstick c/o  // Crux Coffee Maker c/o // Crux Blender c/o 


Hot Coffee + Muted Florals 


It’s no secret that my love for coffee runs deep. I look forward to my morning and afternoon cup of coffee and I try my very best not to let anything get in the way of either of those things! All too often I take my morning coffee to-go as I am racing to return e-mails or meet a deadline of some sort. So when I get the chance to sit on the couch and enjoy a cup, I make sure to take it! Especially during the Fall when the air is a bit cooler, and everything just seems cozier!


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Coffee & My Morning Routine

But I have to tell you that this whole morning coffee thing has been a bit of a struggle in our home recently and here’s why. My husband and I work together. We are literally in the same 10 x 10 room all day, but we still can’t get our coffee-drinking-time in sync. We’ve tried, seriously, we have… but it’s been useless! I can’t drink coffee until after my morning run or trip to the gym, but Ryan likes to have his coffee first thing, before he even changes into his gym clothes.

Our schedules are legitimately off by about an hour! I go to the gym, come back and shower, make breakfast AND then have coffee… he does it completely opposite, which always left one of us with cold coffee or grumpy with none at all.  Because who wants to make TWO pots of coffee in the morning?! No one. And this is where our new Crux Coffee Maker has changed. our. lives. Seriously friends this thing is AWESOME. 


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I like my coffee = piping hot!

Now, I had my doubts, as I always do… you know, glass half empty and all, about this coffee maker. But I’ve got to tell you, it’s a real game changer. It keeps the coffee PIPING HOT and fresh 2 hours after it brews! Our old coffee maker was too fancy for it’s own good, never reached a hot enough temperature, and the coffee tasted horrible after 30 minutes or so…. It is now in a “to-be donated” pile in our garage and I am so happy to see it go!

This coffee maker from Crux is perfect. I get home from the gym just as Ryan is leaving and we both get our hot, fresh coffee! Our 1 hour time difference no longer matters and we are all so happy! Plus did I mention that it brews 14 cups?! For all those parties we throw I won’t have to be in the kitchen constantly grinding up coffee beans! Our old pot only made 8 cups… seriously 8 cups. What were we thinking?!


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In general, we are obsessed and have totally fallen in love with our new coffee maker, and so much so that we now have the blender as well! On Labor Day we had friends over for a little impromptu BBQ and we whipped up our first batch of frozen margaritas… and to our delight, they were officially approved! 


Ashley Brooke Designs - Macy's


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So friends, brides, gift buyers, if you are in the market for new and pretty (I love the copper detail) appliances then Crux is for you! Macy’s is the only retailer that is carrying Crux, so make sure you pop over and see all of their goodies… I pinky promise you will love this one! 


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Floral Dress (similar)  c/o //  Shoes c/o // Lipstick c/o // Crux Coffee Maker c/o // Crux Blender c/o 


Also, while  your at Macy’s, you need to pick up this pretty floral long sleeve dress and blue sued shoes! Aren’t they pretty and perfect for Fall?! You need them. 



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Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 


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  1. kemla williams
    March 13, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    Where can I purchase those beautiful floral pillows?

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