I thought I would clue you all in one of my secret wishes…
I wish I had a Nerf gun with a post-it note attachment….
don’t judge… let me explain…
Have you ever been in a situation were you watch a stranger do something TOTALLY inappropriate and thought to your self, if they only knew? Well I have those moments quite often living in a big city filled with interesting people.
Exhibit A: I was in the movie theater and the guy two rows ahead of me answers his phone DURING the movie and starts up a full 10 min. conversation on what the movie is about!!!
These are the times when I wish I could pull my said Nerf gun, write on a post-it “GET OFF YOUR PHONE” load and shoot!!
I mean REALLY people?!?!?!? Is this necessary…?
Feel free to leave me your Nerf gun moments, I know you all have them!

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