The Secret to Better Lipstick Wear


EOS Crystal |


Before lipstick, primer! 

As you know, I’m a lipstick girl through and through. I love it in a matte, cream, gloss, and metallic… honestly, I haven’t met a lipstick I didn’t like! But the thing about wearing lipstick is that it looks really good when it’s done right, and really bad when it isn’t. And just like your face, your lips need to be primed before applying your favorite bold red lipstick.  It’s absolutely one of the most important steps.


EOS Crystal |


Over the years I have tried so many different lip balms that I feel like I’ve become a connoisseur. When you apply it before lipstick it can’t be too waxy, thick, or glossy.  So when I came across the new eos Crystal line and that it used a “weightless” formula I was eager to try it out! So here are all my thoughts and why you should consider adding this easy step to your daily routine.


EOS Crystal |
EOS Crystal |


Trying it Out

I’m a long time lover of eos. I’ve used their different lines for years, but never like this.  The Crystal line sounded like a promising lip primer to me, so as soon as I got my hands on it I took it for a spin!

My first reaction to the product was to the look of it… I’ve never seen a “crystal” clear lip balm before and it’s actually rather pretty! And my second thought was “wow, it really is weightless and moisturizing”, two things that are rarely done well together. This actually does the trick nicely.


Ashley Brooke - EOS 6


But first, moisturize!

The mix of shea, coconut, avocado, and other natural oils make the product feel luxurious, but it’s also light and wearable. While most lip balms aim to be moisturizing and end up going on super thick, the eos crystal goes on lightweight and truly keeps your lips moisturized all day! By now I have added it to my lipstick routine and made it my everyday lip primer.

I have found myself reaching for it at night before bed and each morning before applying my lipstick.  It wears great on its own as well as under lipsticks. It keeps my lips from drying out, cracking, or creasing and It’s nice to feel that my lips are kissable from morning to night… all things that I love! 


Ashley Brooke - EOS 6


So the next time you pop into Target or your drugstore I would really encourage you to pick up one of the new eos Crystals. Try adding it into your morning beauty routine. I promise that you will love it and your lipstick will too! 


Thank you eos for Sponsoring this post. 

Written entirely in my own voice and opinions are my own.



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