Hello PC I am MAC!

I am super excited to say… “I am now a MAC!” And not just any mac, the beautiful new energy efficient mac book!! I am still trying to figure everything out, but for the most part I am LOVING IT!!… View Post

Sunglass Etiquette

Sunglasses should be worn – outside, in the car, or when in direct sunlight. Please don’t wear your sunglasses inside (unless there is a medical need/or in LA!). When you wear your sunglasses inside you may be viewed as pretentious… View Post

Pink Swap: Kappa Prep

I am so excited to ship off my Pink Swap Box!! Kappa Prep has done a wonderful job hosting the swap and I am thrilled to be part of it! Thanks Kappa Prep! My box has a pink and green… View Post

Please Wear Shoes!!

This just dawned on me and I felt the need to share this information with you…WEAR SHOES. When I was at University of Central Florida I had an early morning lecture class. One of those glorious mornings I realize that… View Post

Sneak Peek!!

I am currently updating my website, I thought I would share one of my new designs that will be available on the web soon! Hope you enjoy! View Post

Etiquette Update: Facebook

Over at Confessions of a Preppy Princess, a fabulous blogger, has posted some great advice that runs parallel to our topic of Facebook Etiquette. Run over there for an informative read!Thanks CPP! View Post

Wardrobe Etiquette

“No matter how expensive or stylish your clothing, if it’s messy or ill-fitting, then style and cost mean little. Remember that clothes send a message about how you want others to see you.” – Emily Post I think the quote… View Post

Ask Ashley Wednesday

Ask Ashley Wednesday is when I post answers to the etiquette questions you’ve submitted. Please feel free to comment on my answers. If you have a thought that is better than what I have found, let us know!!! Question:Is there… View Post

Over or Under?

Is it better to over dress or under-dress??!? This I feel is a confusing question I have had it told to me both ways, “When going to a party it is always better to over-dress then under” and then again… View Post
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