Tennis Etiquette

Do you play tennis?I need to learn, seriously, it is on my to-do list!! For those of you who are avid tennis players… this is for you! Talk quietly when standing near tennis courts that are in use. Never walk… View Post

Let’s Make the Connection

Ashley Brooke Designs is now networking on: If you are on any of these networks, lets be friends!!!!! Twitter name is: @ABdesigns … LinkedIn URL is: Ashley Brooke Designs … Facebook URL is: Ashley Brooke Designs View Post

Blackberry Tip

O.M.G. this is brilliant!For all of you who have a blackberry… This is a vital tip!!P.S. if you all ready knew this…boooo!!! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!!! View Post

Blogging Etiquette: For Those Who Comment & Blog Pt. 3

This is the third installment (and the last, don’t worry!) of “Blogging Etiquette”.Hopefully this will be helpful for those who comment and blog. For Both Bear in mind your reputation. Even if you’re blogging or commenting under a pseudonym, there… View Post

The Custom Design Process

e-mail me at for custom orders or questions!! View Post

Blogging Etiquette: For the Commenter Pt. 2

This is the second instalment of “Blogging Etiquette: For the Blogger Pt. 1” that I posted yesterday. This is for all of you who comment! Hope this is helpful! For the Blog Reader/Commenter Post comments that are related to the… View Post

Cabin Life…

This is where I spent my weekend.P.S. After seeing this photo I relized Lucy needs a hair cut!!!!Don’t worry I scheduled one for Wednesday! View Post

Thank you!!

I am so excited to have such a great turn out in the giveaway! Thank you for entering, I loved reading all of your comments and getting to know some fabulous new bloggers! You all have such lovely blogs and… View Post

Blogging Etiquette: For the Blogger Pt. 1

Blogging is great but can be unfortunate when someone has terrible blogging etiquette. We all know how that goes… so I found this great website from The Pink Teapot that lays it all out there. So brush up on your… View Post
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