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Keeping it Hands-Free

We travel a lot, and over the years, we have gotten significantly better at it. When you travel as part of a profession you really don’t have another option. From packing to navigating the airport to the whole rental car situation… we have developed a really efficient system. And there are two things we can not live without and they are our travel backpacks. 

I carry more of a backpack-purse situation and Ryan carries more of a utility-camera-bag-backpack. Both different, but both equally wonderful! I’ll give you the in’s and out’s of mine and I’ll let Ryan give you a little into to his!


Cuyana Leather Backpack

As you probably know by now, my obsession with all things Cuyana is REAL. I have quite a few of their bags, along with a dress, hat, belt, etc… their products are just great quality. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the brand and never mind spending just a little more on them because I KNOW that I’m getting a lot more. 

Since scooping up this bag last Summer it has been through countless security scanners, airplanes, subways floors (yes, and ew, but it happened) hotel rooms, shoved in overhead compartments, and, last but not least, rained and snowed on.

This bag has fit snacks, scarves, a laptop, camera equipment, and at least 65 tubes of lipstick at one time or another! 

It truly is the bag of all bags! 

I love that it keeps me hands free and my back from aching during long days in the city, but is also nice enough to take to dinner at night. 

I truly don’t hop on a plane without it! If you are looking for the perfect bag that isn’t too “backpack-y” for your next trip, I promise you this is the one you are looking for!

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Vinta S-Series Travel & Camera Bag

Ryan here – I’ll start by saying that it took me a few days to really begin to appreciate this bag. The day it arrived I wasn’t impressed and contemplated sending it back. I am extremely glad I didn’t do that.

I had spent several weeks looking online for a bag that could safely transport my camera gear, accommodate a few personal & tech items, and stow my laptop and day planner. Most backpacks I previously owned functioned like glorified duffel bags. They could hold a lot, but required a lot of digging around just to find something. This bag is the complete opposite.

It’s modular, intuitive, and extremely sturdy, yet I’m always shocked at how much it can hold. It’s also weather proof which adds a little peace of mind. 

If I had one critique it would be that the shoulder straps could me more comfortable. Otherwise, the pro’s far outnumber that one con. I do virtually no digging around anymore – I know exactly where everything is packed. And while it’s an amazing camera bag when I need it, when I don’t, it becomes a great weekender bag.

So photographer or simply a frequent flyer with a penchant for travel efficiency, this backpack is the one to own.

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