My Weekend Lookbook: January 18-19, 2014

Curtains via Ashley Brooke Designs copy

Good morning and happy Monday to you! Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend…

Photo 1: It’s official, I am a grown-up. I now have curtains in my room! Seriously, this is a total grown up thing don’t you think?! Well, I do at least! It’s been a work in progress getting these things up and all week I just had one window perfectly curtained and now I have both and it’s magical!!

P.S. Curtains are from West Elm!

Ceramic Turtle via Ashley Brooke Designs copy

Photo 2: I love this little turtle I found at Target over the weekend. I’m not quite sure why I think this is so cute, but I do and I HAD. TO. HAVE. IT. But be real, do we ever go to Target thinking that we aren’t going to walk out with something completely unnecessary?! No. That is quite frankly why I go: ceramic turtles.

P.S. You need a turtle!

Barney Butter via Ashley Brooke Designs copy

Photo 3: Two weeks ago I was told that I was hypoglycemic, and that I needed to cut sugar out of my diet completely for 3-6 months until I could get everything back in order. And to be honest, I kind of laughed at the doctor and in that “I eat healthy, this won’t be hard!” kind of way… and then, I went home and looked in my fridge. All of my healthy things I was eating i.e. bananas, greek yogurt, non-fat milk, vitamins, etc. had loads of sugar! AH! So after doing some research and calling my sister who is also on the no sugar train, I devised a grocery shopping plan! And let me tell you, this Barney Butter is not only my new life saver (quite literally! I now have to eat every 3 hours!!) but also my new best friend!! You need to run out and go get yourself some! It’s GOOD!!

I hope your weekend was equally as lovely, but for now I am off to go get this week started! Cheers to an extra fabulous and productive week!! xx

Oh, and, Have your ordered your Valentine’s Day gifts?!?!!

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