Monday Morning Musings | No. 102

Weekend at Home

Weekend at Home

We spent the entire weekend practically right here. Ryan was recovering from a pretty bad cold (not the flu or coronavirus), so we thought it was best to go ahead and “quarantine” ourselves… let’s be real, no one really wants to be around someone right now that has a cold! Ha! Which meant all of our weekend plans got canceled, and, honestly, it was kind of nice. Ryan had cabin fever and was quite frankly OVER being sick so he proceeded to build things all weekend long. The backyard deck is officially finished as of 9:00 pm last night – I can’t wait to show you photos!

And I spent the weekend cooking, organizing, and cleaning (mopping – using my favorite Bona products – the house smells amazing!) I also go to work on my sister’s baby shower plans! It was one of those weekends that you just kind of piddle around the house, and it was kind of fantastic.


5 Things I'm Loving

Swimsuit Heaven

Have you seen J.Crew’s new arrivals?! I am REALLY loving their swim this year. Sometimes it’s not my favorite, but wow, this year they are really knocking it out of the park! SO many pretty things

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Under $20 Tee

I can’t tell if this is super grandma, super cute, or both!? No idea. But regardless I’m LOVING it. I also think I had a similar tee when I was little from GapKids which is making me feel nostalgic! Ha! I think it would be so cute tucked into denim shorts, don’t you agree?!

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Bronzer & Highlighter

Guys, I’m fully on the Charlotte Tilbury train. I’ve done a deep dive into the line and I’m totally falling in love with EVERYTHING. This bronzer/highlighter duo is so good. Like reaaallly good, but it’s expensive, so just know that. Nonetheless worth it!

I’ll try and do a quick demo on stories today to show you! So keep an eye out! ­čśë

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Denim Shorts

Boy-oh-boy, denim short season is upon us!! I’m scared, are you!? Ha! Every year I start my hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts. Last year it was these, but I just found these from Madewell and I have high hopes! They look super flattering!

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Daisy Flats 30% off

I’m all in on the daisy trend, but honestly I’ve always been all in favor. Daisies are my favorite flower. I wrote a poem in 5th grade about daisies that got published in a kid’s book, I named our childhood dog Daisy, and if it wasn’t weird (is it weird?!) to also name your child the same name as your dog, then I’d DEFINITELY name a child Daisy. Can not, will not, get over daisies.

These flats are adorable and currently 30% off! They remind me of these espadrilles I also LOVE. 

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