When You Play The Computer, You Can’…

A few choice words for the Instagram algorithm, why it matters less than you think, and a few reasons to never let it stop you from creating!

7 “New” Beauty Products I Can’t Get …

Whether you’re looking for new lipstick, softer skin, or more voluminous hair, it’s all here! I haven’t talked about any of these beauty essentials before because I like to try them out before recommending. Now that I’ve tested each of them (and use them daily), I really think you need to know about them!

Dolly’s Favorite Homemade Biscuits!

I spent last Saturday afternoon whipping up these yummy dog treats for our little Dolly. And now…I’ve literally created a cookie monster! They take minutes to make and your pup will absolutely love them!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 08

Other than spending the weekend whipping up Acai Bowls, we spent the last few days playing with Dolly and piddling around the house – meaning tons and tons of house chores – One of my favorite ways to spend the weekend! Here’s 5 thing’s I’m loving plus an all-call for anyone who knows how to to make a restaurant worthy Acai bowl!

Entertaining with an Icon (Plus Giveaway!)

You can’t get any more iconic than Iris Apfel. When I heard she was launching a collection with Grandin Road I was all a buzz! Here’s a sneak peak at her amazing new home and decor line, plus WIN a signed copy of her new book!

3 Easy Steps to a Stunning Spring Table-Scape

I love having friends and family over and hearing their laughter, clinking of glasses, and the opening of just one more bottle of wine well into the night. Check out this gorgeous table scape and 3 tips to make your next dinner party gather an unforgettable experience!

Impress Your Guests With a Pastel Ombre …

I love making ombre cakes, they are simple, fun, and look a lot fancier than they actually are which make them the perfect dessert in my book!

I’ve made Valentine ombre cakes, gender reveal ombre cakes, and more… So with Easter around the corner it’s the perfect excuse for an pastel ombre cake!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 05

Have you ever had a weekend that was incredibly unproductive, but some how you’re ok with it? Here’s a mini recap of just such a weekend, plus 5 things I’m loving right now from the healthy, a delicious Poke Bowl recipe, to the frivolous, where to buy Frozen Frosé Sorbet and why it will change your life!