5 Straw Bags for Under $100

There are few things that I love more than a good straw bag! Are you headed to the beach, running errands, or going to a picnic? The world may never know! I rounded up all of my picks for under $100 so you can find the perfect one for you! That will last you all season long.


Father’s Day Gifts Under $200

Don’t let Father’s Day sneak up on you this year! Here’s 5 fun and unique gifts for dads, all priced under $200. And I’ve confirmed they can ship to get here before the big day (if you act quick!)

Monday Morning Musings | No. 16

Coming off of a leisurely, Nancy Meyers film-filled weekend (for me at least!). There’s that story plus, this might just be one of the better 5 things I’m loving posts in a while, so you don’t want to miss it! There’s also a coupon for 40% off this gingham swim suite I’m wearing!

Black, White, and Ladylike

Some Thoughts on personal Style My girlfriends and I were recently┬átalking about style and what makes us feel the most like ourselves. Even though some of us have similar styles, none of them are exactly the same… and we all…

Master Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1, The White Paint

After years of avoiding working on our master bedroom, Ryan and I decided it was finally time! We decided that painting was the best place to start. Choosing white paint can be tricky, so here’s what we learned about finding that perfect shade of white, plus the before and afters photos! 

A Summer Afternoon Adventure

There’s just something about exploring an old, romantic mansion on a random afternoon. If you haven’t been to Casa Faliz in Winter Park, Florida, I hope these images convince you it’s worth the trip! Plus, what better place to wear this latest dress from the new Gal Meets Glam collection?

Monday Morning Musings | No. 15

Just recapping every single thing that happened this last weekend makes me want to take a nap. But no matter how busy and full, it was absolutely wonderful! So here’s all the details plus the 5 Things I’m Loving!

June’s Free Download

It’s June!! Here’s a peppy download to keep your tech looking great and keep you on schedule all month long!