In The Kitchen with ABD: Easy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

Ashley Brooke Designs - Easy Chicken Noodle Soup



Comfort food in a pinch!

A few weeks ago, we came down with what I now lovingly now refer to as the plague. It was bad. Like, three weeks of being very sick bad… like, we should have bought stock in kleenex, bad. Holy moly. Right before I came down with the plague (let’s just call it BP for short..), my sweet husband called me from work telling me that he was feeling horrible and was on his way home. I was, of course, in the middle of one billion things and hadn’t even thought about dinner until he called! But I felt so bad for him and his pathetic sounding cough that I decided I’d go for Wife of the Year and whip up a quick homemade chicken noodle soup! Now, don’t get too impressed, this is honestly the easiest recipe ever. Also, I grew up with my mom making chicken noodle soup like every other week (my sister, dad, and I like to refer to it as “Mom’s Clean-Out-the-Fridge soup”), so I can make chicken noodle soup with my eyes closed, although that does seem a bit dangerous. 

I digress. Mercifully, I ended up having pretty much everything I needed in the fridge already, and just popped down to the market to pick up noodles! Although, come to think of it, I could have used rice or quinoa…. like I said, eyes. closed. I am so thrilled that I made this big batch of soup for two reasons, 1. It made my husband so very happy and 2. I came down with the plague the very next day. Needless to say, this soup saved our lives. So whether you are just needing comfort food or to clean out your fridge, this my friends is the recipe for you! Easy easy easy and oh-so-yummy!

Ashley Brooke Designs - Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

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Easy Healthy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup - Ashley Brooke Designs

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