Hourglass Cosmetics Review

Hourglass Cosmetics Review by Ashley Brooke

I have a new beauty obsession.

Hi. My name is Ashley and I am obsessed with Hourglass Cosmetics. Wow. Okay let me back up….

Side Note: I filmed a little instagram story of me demoing the product, you can check it out in my highlights here.

I’d tried Hourglass Cosmetics before, but hadn’t really dove into the collection until recently. But I am SO glad I finally did. A few years ago I had recieved their Vanish Liquid Foundation and didn’t love it for my every day skin, so I hadn’t really looked into the other products. Their Vanish Liquid Foundation is a little TOO good for me. It’s absolutely incredible, and extremely full coverage. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation, LOOK NO FURTHER. But for the day to day I like a more sheer look.

So what do I love about Hourglass Cosmetics?

A few weeks ago I was sent another round of products to try and I am not lying when I say I’m floored by them. Here’s full Hourglass Cosmetics review along with a list of products and my honest opinions!


The first product I tried was the Veil Primer and I haven’t stopped using it since. I can only explain it by saying this primer blurs your skin! It gives you a nice matte finish without drying your skin and it even has SPF. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this product. It’s so good that I’ve even been wearing it without any foundation at all – Just adding a touch of concealer. It really is THAT GOOD.

Translucent Powder

The second product I tried was their Veil Translucent Powder. Now, I can tell you that I’ve been a religious user of loose translucent powder since high school and I’ve never used one that is this flawless. It leaves your skin looking even without the powder buildup. I think this powder is just so fine that it smooths out your skin and leaves you feeling weightless!

Setting Spray

The third product I am now addicted to is the Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray. I’ve got to be honest here, I’m not usually a setting spray kind of gal. It’s just one more step I didn’t think I would necessarily “need” but, I was wrong. My friend Kate told me to try it out, and OH MY GOSH I am in love with it. It keeps your make up on all day and just gives your skin a “soft focus” look. I am now a forever setting spray girl.


Like I said, I am in love with this line, so much so that I just ordered the concealer… I’m almost out, and I’ve heard it’s unreal. So fingers crossed it’s just as good as the others!

Have you tried Hourglass?!

P.S. I talked about foundations a lot here, so feel free to try Hourglass’ or check out my review of the 4 best foundations in order of coverage!


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