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A few weeks ago I discovered a BRILLIANT service on Kate Spade called GiftNow. After using it firsthand and LOVING IT, I’ve been dying to share it with you. I’m telling you this will change the way you give gifts this season!

GiftNow is a complementary online gifting service that lets you choose and send a gift to anyone. The gift recipient gets an email or text notification and gets to choose their preferred size, color, and shipping address (or a new item entirely – all before it ships).

Here’s an example…

Let’s just say you want to send your BFF who lives across the country a pair of sparkly flats, but you don’t want to ruin the surprise by texting, “Hey what shoe size do you wear?” Send the gift through GiftNow and let them choose their size. Problem solved!

I also love that the gift recipient can choose their favorite color! Because how often do you get something and think, OMG I LOVE THIS, but gosh I wish it was in pink! Now you know that you will be actually sending the perfect gift!

Kate Spade is one of the earliest adopters of this program, which makes me so excited since Kate Spade honestly has some of the cutest gifts this season! Like these sparkle flats or this adorable bow $48 beanie.

There are many things I love about this service, like the ease and efficiency. But more than that, I love that the thoughtfulness in the gift-giving process is not lost! I love the idea of sending someone something that you truly think they will love, but also giving them the freedom to choose. And most of all being able to send it with a personal greeting.

I sent my manager, Deanna, a pair sparkly flats this year with a note that said “Thank you for making this year Sparkle!” Deanna and I have worked together remotely for more than a year. We talk via text, email, and phone multiple times a day. She unabashedly goes to bat for me every single day and both Ryan and I are so grateful for her friendship and skillset. We’d be lost without her! So I loved the idea of sending her a little something extra special that every time she wears them, she’ll know how appreciated she is.

Also, Deanna was the perfect person to use this service because we have different styles. She’s the kind of cool I want to be, leather jacket and all. So of course I sent her the pink sparkly flats, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that she will pick the smoke color! Ha! 😉

I truly can not say enough great things about GiftNow and am thrilled to add it to my holiday gifting arsenal – especially with our families and friends spread across the country! Skipping the UPS line and getting everyone something that they will love is a WIN in my book.

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