DIY: Watercolor Macaroons

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A Perfectly Painted Dessert


 A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Pinterest and I stumbled upon a post about DIY painted macaroons and thought, how pretty! A few days went by, but I couldn’t stop thinking about painting macaroons! Is it easy? Could I make it look as pretty? What would I use painted macaroons for? The list went on and on, and then I finally just bought a whole bunch of them at Whole Foods and figured I’d give it a whirl! 

So let me first start by saying, this is so much easier than I thought it could be, but there are definitely a few tricks to nail down! Danielle (our photogrpher and ABD team member) and I painted these one afternoon together and we both couldn’t stop saying “this is so much fun!” And friends, it really REALLY was! It ended up being incredibly relaxing and just a fun afternoon, so if you have a few spare minutes, you should definitely pick up some supplies and try this at home!

Also, BONUS! I am throwing a “sprinkle” for Betsy (another ABD team member) at the end of the month, and so I froze these right after we shot them! I’m going to pull them out for the baby shower, won’t they be just perfect?!

Okay, so onto the details….


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Here is what you need:

  1. Gel Food Coloring – I picked up a box of 8 colors at JoAnn Fabrics.
  2. Tiny Paint Brushes 
  3. Water
  4. Coconut or Vanilla Macaroons


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The big trick:

WATER IT DOWN. I would do just the tiniest dip into the food coloring and it would come out so pigmented. So if you think it’s watered down enough, you are wrong… add more water. 

Also, start with the lightest color and build. I painted a whole bunch of bumble bees so I started by really watering down the yellow and then building from there. 

And don’t forget, macaroons have two sides! So if you mess up… just flip it over!


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We were over the moon with the way they came together. They turned out so delicate, girly, and just plain pretty! I’m telling you friends, you need to try this one out!!


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After they were all finished and dry (make sure they are dry!) we plated them and added some flowers and greenery. Voila! The most picture perfect dessert!


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Photographed by: Danielle Nichol Photography 


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