New York, New York

New York Diary – Day 5 & 6

The final New York diary from my trip. Days 5 and 6 are definitely my favorite of the entire trip…

New York, New York

New York Diary – Day 4

A recap of what was, by far, the most action-packed day of my trip. Starting with being backstage before the Kate Spade show, it’s a day I’ll never forget!

New York, New York

New York Diary – Day 3

Shoe shopping, favorite on-the-go lunch spots, all in day three’s New York Diary.

A Guide To The Best Orlando Donuts

A few weeks ago I called up a handful of my girlfriends and asked if they would be interested in joining me on a donut crawl, and this is what happened… Whether you’re vacationing at Disney or lived here a while, here’s where you can find Orlando’s best donuts!

How To Explore Your Own City

My top 5 tried and true, top tips for exploring your own city! I hope these tips and tricks get you started on a grand adventure (albeit, quirky!) that you never thought possible! 

72 Hours in Charleston, SC

Ryan and I are creatures of habit. When we like a restaurant, hotel, bar, etc. we typically return every time we are in that particular city. When we planned our most recent trip to Charleston, SC we made a promise to each other that this trip would be full of new things and adventures! And as it turns out, that’s what made it our best Charleston trip yet.

Our Newport Rhode Island Diary

We spent two amazing, but all too short days in Newport, Rhode Island. But over that time we fell in love and can’t wait to make it back in the Summer! Here are a few photos and notes on where we ate and what we saw. Enjoy!

48 Hours in New York City

We spent the better half of last week in New York City. From Sunday to Thursday morning we pretended to be full on New Yorkers!  I have tons of photos to edit (plus a vlog!!) that Ryan took during our trip, but I thought it would be fun to share with you a diary of our first few days. Unedited, and straight off my phone.