My 5 Favorite Apps!

Recently, a girlfriend and I got into a discussion about apps – which ones we were loving and which ones we had recently deleted. I love life-hack conversations with your girlfriends…

Top Ten at Target!

  My Latest Obsessions I’m a sucker for Target, and I refer to it as my $100 store. I go in for a birthday card and a pack of gum and come out with a tote bag, a scarf, and…

Nordstrom Sale: 5 Basics Under $200

Unless you’ve been totally living under a rock, you’ve heard the news… the biggest and best sale of the year is here, and it’s magical!

7 Books I’ve Recently Read

Back in January, I wrote this post all about the last 15 books I’d read, and it still stands to be one of the most viewed blog posts this year. I think it’s funny because we are all in the same boat of “what do I read next?!”. 


While prepping for this post, the ONLY thing that I could think about was my new Target pajamas. Yep, that’s right. These Target pjs are my very favorite purchase from June, and I’m seriously considering buying them in the other colors ( gray, blue, mauve, & navy). 

My Top 3 Summer Sandals and Nail Polishes!

Now that summer is officially in full swing I have been wearing sandals non stop! I always have so much fun picking out cute nail polish colors to wear with my summer shoe choices! I found all of my favorite pairs of sandals and polish colors that go well with them! I plan on rotating between all of these combos as much as possible!


Happy Friday! Did you expect another giveaway was coming your way? I literally cannot stop planning these because they’re just the best ever. I get to call all of my favorite brands to round up the very best things (plus, girl talk!), and then I get to share all of this season’s essentials with you. 

So Many Statement Earrings!

I am SO glad statement earrings are so in style this summer! Statement earrings are always what I resort to when I feel like my outfit needs a little something extra because they add the perfect pop of color. This pink pair I am wearing is amazing…I wear them ALL the time! (And they are under $50!).