It’s Time to Play Dress Up!


Carrie Bradshaw, duh! 

Dressing up for Halloween can be so much fun, but can also be expensive when doing the whole “costume store” routine! So when it comes to shopping for a fun and innovative costume, I try to think “wearable” — i.e., what can I wear again!?


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Jewlery Organizer

On Sunday evening I snap-chatted a photo of my jewelry organizer as I was organizing all of my sparkly things, and I was SHOCKED by how many of you snapped me back asking for the details, so I figured I would just do a quick blog post on it so that you could have all the details in one place! 

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Slow Fall Mornings


Hot Coffee + Muted Florals 

It’s no secret that my love for coffee runs deep. I look forward to my morning and afternoon cup of coffee and I try my very best not to let anything get in the way of either of those things!

But I have to tell you that this whole morning coffee thing has been a bit of a struggle in our home recently and here’s why. My husband and I work together. We are literally in the same 10 x 10 room all day, but we still can’t get our coffee-drinking-time in sync. We’ve tried, seriously, we have…

but it’s been useless until recently…

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Books On Books!


Let’s Get Back To It!

For a while there I was on a great little reading spree. Any down time I had I’d pick up a book and get lost in the story line, but lately its all Gilmore Girls ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. It’s bad. To be fair I had never seen the show and after a few episodes during a flight layover I was HOOKED, but I haven’t picked up a book since. It’s been a few months and I am literally like 15 episodes away from finishing my beloved show (DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME!) and I have promised myself that when I do, it’s back to books! So to entice myself away from the Netflix glow I scooped up a few new books last weekend while we were at the Oxford Exchange and I am so excited to dive in.

Hop on over for the details!

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Back to School Shopping!

I’m starting to really crave a good old fashioned back to school shopping day… who’s with me?!! Every year before school my mom would take my sister and I on a mother-daughter-shopping day with our girlfriends and their moms.

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My Five Favorite Shoe Purchases of All …

I’m always curious to hear what everyone’s favorite items in their closets are. You know, the things people can’t live without! 

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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was dying to try out this matching white on white short set from Ann Taylor! I love the matching short sets and how cute and put together they look, so when this one went on sale for SIXTY PERCENT OFF, it was time to pull the trigger! 

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