Monday Morning Musings | No. 96

Today in 5 Things I’m Loving, I’ve found the cutest sneakers, the BEST body wash (I’ve actually be trying it for a few weeks), and a new Maxi dress I think you’ll love!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 95

Happy Monday from Nashville, TN! Today’s 5 Things I’m Loving features this incredibly cute puff sleeve turtleneck find, a new lip gloss color to try, my go-to travel mug and more!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 94

Who else is ready for a fresh start this week?! A pretty pink handbag, new headband, latest Netflix obsession, and more in today’s post.

Nordstrom Mid-Year Sale Round Up!

Here’s my shopping list from staples I stock up on, things already I own and love, and what’s in my cart this year!

6 Weird Things in My Amazon Cart

Geeking out yet again on Amazon. Today’s post is all about those odd little things (and some not so odd) that collect in your cart for months on end until you final decide to pull the trigger. Here are 6 of mine!

Orlando, Florida

Happy Love Day + Free Text-able Valentines

Is it Valentine’s Day already?! It’s hard to believe and this time it really sneaked up on me. But don’t you worry, I’m rolling out text-able Valentine’s again (they were such a hit last year!).

Monday Morning Musings | #46

This weekend was a really good one. Like, we saw HAMILTON good! That was just one part of our busy weekend. But I’m excited it’s Monday and can’t wait to share today’s 5 Things I’m Loving with you!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 43

Today’s 5 Things I’m Loving is one you DO NOT want to miss – how I picked my “word of the year”, the year’s biggest SALE, a quick update on Ryan, and more!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 42

The “week before Christmas” madness starts today and I am loving it! This week’s 5 Things I’m Loving will help you look your best and may even help you round out your last minute gift shopping!

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