Fancy Friends: FASHIONABLE

My sister-in-law, Hope, recently introduced me to a brand called Fashionable, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Fashionable is a company that is committed to creating jobs for women (both nationally and globally) who have overcome extreme situations ranging from prostitution to homelessness to addiction to a lack of opportunity. 

Fancy Friends: Elyssa Bass

You might be seeing Elyssa Bass’ name popping up all over my social channels lately, and it’s because I am officially obsessed. We met Elyssa while we were at Atlanta Mart in January, and we became fast friends from the get-go. 

Fancy Friends: Camilyn Beth

Today I’m super excited to share a little mini studio tour of Camilyn Beth’s space in Sarasota, FL with you. Camilyn and I have been online friends for what seems like forever, so when we realized that we’d be in the same city at the same time we made a date to get together.

Fancy Friends: Lindroth Design

A few months ago, I became obsessed with Island bags, like seriously obsessed. I was on the hunt for the perfect monogrammed tote, and even considered trying to make one myself, or better yet peer pressuring my crafty sister to do it for me! 

Fancy Friends: Cultivate What Matters

Lara Casey, the founder of Cultivate What Matters, and I go WAAAAY back, like seven years ago back. I attended one of the original Making Things Happen conferences in Water Color, Florida and have kept up with Lara ever since. 

Fancy Friends: Southern Sequins


I’m All About That Tassel!

First off, let me just welcome back my favorite blog series of all time, Fancy Friends! If you are new around here, let me just give you a little background…

New Year, New Books with Audible

  Audible: the best thing ever.  Every year, probably like most of you, I add “Read More Books” to the top of my goal list for the year. I love to read, but I rarely have time to, unless it’s…

ABD’s Fancy Friends: Loren Hope

  All The Sparkly Things! I am a Loren Hope addict. There. I said it. I have loved her pieces for a few years now, but after we teamed up with some of my other favorite ladies for #73SpringShop Pop-Up this past…

#ABDGiftGuide: XO, Monica Lee

  New Year’s Shimmer! So yesterday’s post was all about Christmas, so naturally today is all about New Years–ha! Don’t worry… tomorrow we are back to Christmas, but before THAT, I wanted to introduce you to XO, Monica Lee!  Monica…

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