My 3 Gift-buying Tricks To Shop Like a …

  Gift Buying in 3 Easy Steps I absolutely love this time of year, but honestly who doesn’t!? Every year a handful of my best girls and I each swap gifts. It’s one of my favorite things about the holidays!…

The Perfect Summer Dress

A few weeks ago I got this super adorable sailboat dress from Persifor and it has quickly become my favorite easy-to-wear dress. I love breezy pieces that you can throw on and feel instantly put together, and this dress does just that.

Fancy Friends: Violet Clover

Friends, I LOVE shopping small. It is so great to support local small businesses, and Violet Clover is one of my favorites! I stopped by a little while ago for a fun day of shopping.

Fancy Friends: TELETIES

When your BFF mentions she’s thinking about launching a new hair tie company, the only thing to do is support her from the start! And, friends, I would have become hooked on TELETIES even if Lindsay and Liz weren’t behind the brand.

Fancy Friends: FASHIONABLE

My sister-in-law, Hope, recently introduced me to a brand called Fashionable, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Fashionable is a company that is committed to creating jobs for women (both nationally and globally) who have overcome extreme situations ranging from prostitution to homelessness to addiction to a lack of opportunity. 

Fancy Friends: Elyssa Bass

You might be seeing Elyssa Bass’ name popping up all over my social channels lately, and it’s because I am officially obsessed. We met Elyssa while we were at Atlanta Mart in January, and we became fast friends from the get-go. 

Fancy Friends: Camilyn Beth

Today I’m super excited to share a little mini studio tour of Camilyn Beth’s space in Sarasota, FL with you. Camilyn and I have been online friends for what seems like forever, so when we realized that we’d be in the same city at the same time we made a date to get together.

Fancy Friends: Lindroth Design

A few months ago, I became obsessed with Island bags, like seriously obsessed. I was on the hunt for the perfect monogrammed tote, and even considered trying to make one myself, or better yet peer pressuring my crafty sister to do it for me!