In The Kitchen with ABD: An Oatmeal …

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Breakfast Done Right!

A few weeks ago we ran out of eggs and I resorted to whipping up a big batch of oatmeal for breakfast. It ended up changing lives! Okay, I realize that is a bold statement, but stay with me…

I am the breakfast maker in our house, the coffee situation has become a bit of a scene, grinding, pour overs, exact measurements, you know, the whole thing, so we have split the morning tasks! I take breakfast and Ryan takes coffee. This has been all fine and dandy, but it has limited my breakfast options.


In The Kitchen with ABD – “Healthy” Brownies!


Best. Brownies. Ever. 


Last week I whipped up a batch of these healthier brownies for girls night and they turned out SO good that I just HAD to share the recipe with you! 

So here’s the thing though, I am like a brownie professional, I absolutely love brownies, LOVE them, and I am very picky about their taste… so I was super hesitant to make a “healthy” brownie instead of the regular ole’ sugar and butter filled brownies. But I have to tell you, I am not sure I will ever make regular brownies again, these were THAT good.

In The Kitchen with ABD: Rose Water …


Spring-time Cocktail!

Last week while wondering through Fresh Market looking for inspiration for dinner I came across this Rose Water Extract and thought… well, that looks yummy! I proceeded to put it in my basket not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it, just that it looked real pretty. After gathering all my things for dinner, I swung by the organic soda section and spotted this delicious sounding soda called Sipp


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