Monday Morning Musings | No. 24

If only every weekend could be just like this. We took our time, but fit in so many fun things. This weeks 5 things is an odd bunch, but I promised there’s something in it for you!

My August Bucket List

The monthly bucket list is making a comeback! I’ve received more than a handful of requests to bring this post back, so here’s 10 activities that will make sure you keep things on track and interesting this month!

Monday Morning Musings – No. 23

Cheers to Monday! Here’s a fresh little dessert recipe for those of you who have a sweet tooth and are dairy-free (and even if you aren’t!).  Also, whether you’re looking for your next book to read or doing a little retail therapy, it’s all here!

Brain Dump Thursday

Today to get a sneak peak into just a few things going through my mind these days. From home and family to my latest gym routine and audiobook. I hope you enjoy this little mind journey!

Monday Morning Musings – No. 22

Our weekend was sweet and low key, so I’ll skip to the good stuff: I have the next book and movie in today’s 5 Thing’s I’m Loving, plus a new beauty tip that will make your skin glow!

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Ryan and I are always in the habit of finding special ways to remember significant seasons of our life. It’s what gets us through the tough times and reminds how to remember the good times even more. So here’s what we did!

Monday Morning Musings – No. 21

It was a restful, eclectic at-home weekend that included both Ryan and I finishing our books, not to mention watching France win the World Cup! Plus 5 things I’m currently loving…

Dolly Update + New Puppy Essentials

If you’re a dog owner, here’s 7 thing your pup should not be without! Including the best dog training podcast we’ve found so far. Also, a fun little update on all of Dolly the Havashu’s antics.