Brain Dump Friday – Weekend Ready!

Happy Friday, friends! I figured it was time for a good old fashioned brain dump, especially after yesterday’s post.

A short list of random, fun, and interesting – Everything you need to start this weekend off strong!

Coffee, Trader Joe’s, & Jesus

Do you ever have those days or even weeks when your heart, mind, and body are just flat out exhausted?! When even making yourself a cup of coffee seems labored… Yeah, well, you’re not alone. 

Monday Morning Musings | No. 34

A look at our weekend… Plus, a list of my 5 favorite things of the moment which just so happen to include a $14 mascara!

All. The. Feelings. – A Cancer Update

It’s Thursday evening and Ryan, Dolly, and I are cuddled up on the couch watching movies as we ride out Ryan’s last chemo treatment. He’s dozing on and off and Dolly keeps bringing me her favorite stuffed dragon and dropping in on my computer. I have to laugh, because from the outside looking in, nothing in this scene seems out of the ordinary, but as I sit here I am realizing how monumental this night is. The worst of his side effects are of course still on their way. We know this from experience, but at this particular moment, I can take a breath. Chemo is officially behind us…

Monday Morning Musings | No. 33

This weekend was all about leaning into the season! A peek at our cozy Fall weekend along with my five favorites of the moment, including a pumpkin pie recipe you’ll LOVE.

My October Bucket List

Spoiler alert, it’s not all about pumpkins this October! The October Bucket List is here, complete with a blank downloadable list so you can make your own and print or post it to Instagram stories. 10 fun activities to make this your best October yet!

The Workout Routine That’s Changed Everything

For the past 10 weeks (I’m currently on week 11) I’ve been working out with a group of girls and it’s been the best and most consistent workout I’ve had in years.  So I feel like you guys officially need to hear all about it!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 31

A peek inside our weekend, plus five things I am L-O-V-I-N-G at the moment. Including this $10 scarf!