Monday Morning Musing | No. 28

A whirlwind of a weekend that felt like a dream, plus 5 things I’m loving right now! Including a must-have vintage tee! 

My September Bucket List

The monthly bucket list is making a comeback! I’ve received more than a handful of requests to bring this post back, so here’s my September list including a few things I’m going to do while in town for New York Fashion Week!

How To Explore Your Own City

My top 5 tried and true, top tips for exploring your own city! I hope these tips and tricks get you started on a grand adventure (albeit, quirky!) that you never thought possible! 

Monday Morning Musings | No. 27

Took my Staycation tips from last Thursday and put them to good use this weekend! Plus 5 things I’m loving including my new favorite hair product!! 

Monday Morning Musings | No. 26

A peek at our weekend, plus 5 things I’m totally loving! Including a new book and the prettiest daisy dress, you’ve ever seen.

What It’s Really Like: An Update …

Today is another episode in, “I sat down to write a post and this is what came out instead.”

Monday Morning Musings | No. 25

It was a weekend full of some of my favorite “stay at home” activities. Plus 5 things you’ll love, including some Pinterest dinner inspiration!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 24

If only every weekend could be just like this. We took our time, but fit in so many fun things. This weeks 5 things is an odd bunch, but I promised there’s something in it for you!