Monday Morning Musings | No. 03

A quick weekend recap plus 5 things I’m currently loving – books I’m reading, new nude shoes, earrings I can’t stop wearing, a podcast recommendation, and due to so many requests, details on my new eye glasses.

Monday Morning Musings | Nº02

Here’s a weekend recap plus 5 things I’m loving right now including my thoughts on Best Dressed at the Oscars, most recent dress purchase, and latest book discovery.

Monday Morning Musings | Nº01

The last few days Ryan & I did the unthinkable and took the weekend off! More on what we did plus 5 things I’m absolutely loving right now.

This & That

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel, family, and fun! Blogging the last week was near impossible, so here is a little recap with 5 things on my mind or that I’m loving right now…From getting a new puppy to latest candle discovery!

February’s Bucket List {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Last month I published my “January Bucket List” which so very many of you e-mailed me about, saying that you wanted to participate in the list too. So this month I’ve made a little download that will go along with my February Bucket List.

5 Ways To Stay Motivated All Year Long

We’ve now made it through the most pressure filled “get-your-life-together” month all year. But this is also the time when all of those resolutions and goals for the year start to slip. So I’ve make it my mission to change my way of thinking and enlist some help in the form of friends and of all things, new some clothes!

My Favorite Dairy Free Finds

Here’s everything you need to make it through a dairy free day (or year), including pizza you can actually enjoy and what milk to buy for the perfect cashew milk latte!

Oxford Exchange x Warby Parker (Video!)

A little “vlogging” peak at our latest day trip to the Oxford Exchange! Since we were married there three years ago, we go back every chance we get. And since they just opened a Warby Parker inside, we knew there was just one place to go for new eye glasses!