A Peek at My Holiday Shopping Spreadsheet

I created a holiday gift tracking spreadsheet and it was a total game changer this year. Not only did I finish shopping in record time, but I stayed on budget and got everyone on my list something they will love! I’m spilling on my secrets plus you can download the spreadsheet in the post!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 39

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year! Ryan and I decided on a new way to split the holiday between our immediate families (both local) and we also finished ALL of our Christmas shopping. Details on all of that plus 5 Things I’m Loving!

Favorite Small Business Finds & Their Sales

Some of the most amazing items on my Christmas gift list this year are from small businesses.  Also, they are running some epic sales! So before you go Amazon Prime everything this holiday season, take a peek at some of my favorite small brands!

What We’re Really Shopping on Black …

Here’s our unvarnished, practical, and at times unsexy Black Friday shopping list. The whole list is on mega-sale, so enjoy and let us know what other boring things you’re shopping for!

3 Fun Home Activities While Family’s In …

Don’t get me wrong, a competitive game of Scrabble or Settlers of Catan all have their place and time, but it’s nice to have a few group activities that are low stress and completely optional. Here are three I know you will love!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 38

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, but also a little overwhelmed. So here’s a nice and easy 5 Things I’m Loving, including a great music playlist find, you know, in case you aren’t ready for all the holiday music just yet.

6 Feminine Etsy Gifts Under $50

I absolutely love vintage shopping for unique, one of a kind finds. Here are 6 amazing gift ideas from from Etsy’s vintage section. It’s Friday and you deserve a break, so get browsing! ; )

Dolly’s Favorite Day of The Month!

First of all, Dolly really showed up for this shoot and brought her A-game!  She seriously worked her angles and hopes you approve of her modeling skills. All silliness aside, what do you do when your dog is a real super chewer?? Just let them have the couch, the base boards, and all your fancy shoes? Here’s another idea ; )