Favorites from the Tuckernuck Sale

Tuckernuck is one of my most beloved brands and they are having a BIG sale. Here are 8 of my favorites from the sale, plus a few linked items I own and wear almost every day! If you’ve never tried Tuckernuck, you should start today!

Let’s Start A Book Club + My 4 …

My four latest reads and whether you should read or pass. Plus, I’ve got this idea for a book club. Would you be into it??

All of Your BBG Questions Answered!

Here’s everything you ever wondered about BBG (the workout program I use) answered! I took the most common questions I receive on Instagram and answer them in detail here. This workout will change your life, if you let it!

Monday Morning Musings | No. 44

This week I finally feel like I’ve gotten back into the groove – I’m even showing up on time to places (what??!). Today’s 5 Things I’m Loving is nice, easy, and practical. Happy Monday!

My Resolutions, Goals, & Thoughts on The New …

2018 was a wild ride, yet I am grateful who I became through it, and as a result I am seeing 2019 through a fresh lens. Here are my resolutions and musings, but most of all, how I plan to get the most out of 2019 no matter what happens.

Favorites from the Lilly Sale!

My top eight favorites from the Lilly After Party Sale sale! If you’re overwhelmed and wondering, “What in the world should I buy??”, here are a few choice pieces to get you started.

Monday Morning Musings | No. 43

Today’s 5 Things I’m Loving is one you DO NOT want to miss – how I picked my “word of the year”, the year’s biggest SALE, a quick update on Ryan, and more!


Here is our recap of 2018, plus an update on Ryan, along with the most heartfelt THANK YOU I could possibly express to each and every one of you.