6 Romantic Comedies on Netflix to Watch This …

Really, these are 6 of the best romantic comedies of all time and you need them in your life! There’re all on Netflix and just waiting for you and a bottle of champagne!

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Ryan and I are always in the habit of finding special ways to remember significant seasons of our life. It’s what gets us through the tough times and reminds how to remember the good times even more. So here’s what we did!

Monday Morning Musings – No. 21

It was a restful, eclectic at-home weekend that included both Ryan and I finishing our books, not to mention watching France win the World Cup! Plus 5 things I’m currently loving…

Dolly Update + New Puppy Essentials

If you’re a dog owner, here’s 7 thing your pup should not be without! Including the best dog training podcast we’ve found so far. Also, a fun little update on all of Dolly the Havashu’s antics.

My New Favorite Journal

The recent gift of a personalized journal from my best friend, Betsy, could not have come at a more perfect time! More on that inside, plus a few tips on getting started journalling. But whether you’re new or it’s already your favorite pass-time, this journal is a must have!

Just Another Chapter…

If I could sum up our lives in two words they would be unexpected and beautiful. Tomorrow we dive into a difficult new season of unknowns and instead of feeling anxious, we feel hopeful and ready. Click through to read more on our next chapter, fighting cancer. 

Monday Morning Musings | No. 20

Who doesn’t love it when a holiday lands smack dab in the middle of the week? It’s like the rest of the days after it don’t count! Or at least we can take them a little easier. That’s what we did, but I did not slack off when it comes to this weeks 5 Things I’m Loving!

DIY Monogrammed Beach Tote

Monogrammed totes showed up few Summers ago and are no less popular today! They can also run you upwards of $200 in stores, which is why we decided to make our own at my latest Girl’s Craft Night. All in, this will cost you $20 and a bottle or wine if you decide not to go it alone. Here’s the ultimate guide to painted monogrammed totes!