My Lunch Break Facial

It’s a skin care emergency! My quick, 30-minute lunchtime facial, hop on over to follow along! 

My Updated Nighttime Cleansing Routine (+ Video)

I have been absolutely floored by this new face cleansing routing I’ve been trying for the last two months.  It has absolutely changed my skin for the better.  Usually I won’t post about something that I have not at least tried out for a couple of weeks and I can tell you this one is here to stay! 

Summer Skincare Must

Do you ever wonder why some facial cleansers leave your skin feeling dry and tight? There’s a reason why and I’m talking all about it today! Here’s why I switched to soy-based face cleansers years ago and my current favorite when it comes to Summer skincare!

The Secret to Better Lipstick Wear

For a better lipstick day, try a lip primer. My go-to is eos’ Crystal line is perfect as an every day balm + pre-lipstick lip primer. Here’s why you should consider adding this step to your routine.

My Updated Skincare Routine That’s Changed …

This post is one that is long overdue. I have been ranting and raving about these products for months now in real life and I feel like its HIGH time I told you all about them.

My top 5 habits and 3 products that make …

One of my most asked questions is about my face makeup, which I find to be such a funny question. What foundation, concealer, powder, and bronzer I use on a daily basis… etc. I find these questions shocking, not because I think they are silly questions, they are definitely not, but I’ve always had such a love-hate relationship with my skin. I battle it out every single day, but there really is a method to my madness!

Getting That Healthy Glow All Day Long

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth Arden reached out about sharing how I use my favorite products from their Eight Hour collection and I couldn’t say “yes!” fast enough. I have been a fan of EA for years (see here & here!) and use their products daily. If you have never tried their line, you need to. The lipsticks are a great way to start (and get hooked!), but their skincare line is magical! 

Easy Summer Beauty!

I love summer beauty for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is that it literally takes five minutes to do! And, who can’t get behind a 5 minute make-up routine?! No, seriously, part of the reason we have to quite literally change our beauty routine in the South is because the humidity is SO. VERY. REAL.