A Brightening Eye Cream that Works?

I’ve been trying a new brightening eye cream for the last few weeks. If you’re considering switching to a new one or completely new to the concept, you can’t go wrong!

After all, bright eyes go with everything!

3 Beauty Essentials I’m Loving

A $10 retinoid? Yep! Here are three beauty essentials I use all the time and love, plus the next three products I’m going to try next.

My Week with Elizabeth Arden

Early Tuesday morning I caught a flight to one of my favorite cities, Charleston, for a trip with Elizabeth Arden. I’d been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks and I have to say that it FAR exceeded my expectations!

7 Sephora Must Haves Under $20

Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when you’re shopping at Sephora. Here are my top 7 beauty at Sephora under $20!

My Lunch Break Facial

It’s a skin care emergency! My quick, 30-minute lunchtime facial, hop on over to follow along! 

My Updated Nighttime Cleansing Routine (+ Video)

I have been absolutely floored by this new face cleansing routing I’ve been trying for the last two months.  It has absolutely changed my skin for the better.  Usually I won’t post about something that I have not at least tried out for a couple of weeks and I can tell you this one is here to stay! 

Summer Skincare Must

Do you ever wonder why some facial cleansers leave your skin feeling dry and tight? There’s a reason why and I’m talking all about it today! Here’s why I switched to soy-based face cleansers years ago and my current favorite when it comes to Summer skincare!

The Secret to Better Lipstick Wear

For a better lipstick day, try a lip primer. My go-to is eos’ Crystal line is perfect as an every day balm + pre-lipstick lip primer. Here’s why you should consider adding this step to your routine.