Drug Store Beauty: Glowy Makeup Tutorial

Glowy makeup is always in and so is drugstore beauty! This tutorial combines the two. Hop on over for a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this look in under 10 minutes! 

7 Sephora Must Haves Under $20

Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when you’re shopping at Sephora. Here are my top 7 beauty at Sephora under $20!

My Lunch Break Facial

It’s a skin care emergency! My quick, 30-minute lunchtime facial, hop on over to follow along! 

Top Knot Hair Tutorial (Video)

This top knot (aka Ballerina Bun) is one of my secret weapons on tough hair days or when I’m simply out of time (can you relate??). Either way, this bun will have you looking fresh and put together in under 5 minutes!

My Updated Nighttime Cleansing Routine (+ Video)

I have been absolutely floored by this new face cleansing routing I’ve been trying for the last two months.  It has absolutely changed my skin for the better.  Usually I won’t post about something that I have not at least tried out for a couple of weeks and I can tell you this one is here to stay! 

Half Up Swoop Braid (Video Tutorial)

Today I’m teaming up with my good friend Kate Bryan from The Small Things Blog to bring you another amazing hair tutorial that will change how you look at braids this season!

How To Put on False Eyelashes (Video)

Putting on false eyelashes can certainly be intimidating, but today I’m taking all the mystery out of the process. I’ll walk you through which ones to buy, what glue to use, and my favorite application techniques!

Summer Skincare Must

Do you ever wonder why some facial cleansers leave your skin feeling dry and tight? There’s a reason why and I’m talking all about it today! Here’s why I switched to soy-based face cleansers years ago and my current favorite when it comes to Summer skincare!