Empties: Beauty Products I’ve Loved Down …

I test beauty products for a living and there are MANY great ones out there worth talking about. Yet I keep coming back to these 8. These are my A-team, the ones I re-order every time.

3 Beauty Essentials I’m Loving

A $10 retinoid? Yep! Here are three beauty essentials I use all the time and love, plus the next three products I’m going to try next.

My Lunch Break Facial

It’s a skin care emergency! My quick, 30-minute lunchtime facial, hop on over to follow along! 

THE BEST PURCHASE: Seche Vita Dry Fast …

Okay, I know, another beauty product… but I can’t help it! I love buying beauty products because you can literally find under $10 purchases that will change your life. And this product did just that. 

Perfecting the Fall Manicure!

I have recently found a few products that I really REALLY love that I have found make the biggest difference in my manicure stress! 

3 Favorite Summer Nail Polishes

Lately I’ve been going back to the same three polishes over and over; so today I thought I’d share with you my faves of the moment! 
Click over and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks: The Busy Girl Manicure!


A couple weeks ago I Snap-chatted an image of my “busy girl manicure” and got quite few questions about it so I thought I would do a little blog post on one of my very favorite life hacks!


Primping With ABD: My 3 Summer Faves!

  Beauty products make me HAPPY. For today’s Primping post, I wanted to share with you my top three favorite beauty products at the moment! I love to switch things up and try new products here and there, but these three…