Cat Eye Tutorial – Links & Products

From my Instagram Stories “Cat Eye” Tutorial (link inside), all products I talk about and everything I’m wearing is linked here.

How I Organized My Beauty Drawer

How long should you tolerate a messy makeup drawer? The answer is not long at all and here’s everything I used to organize my vanity drawers, including the scary before and after photos!

My New Foundation & Tinted Moisturizer

Foundation and tinted moisturizer are the absolute soul of my beauty routine. I recently started using a new foundation, so here’s a review of it, plus when I choose to wear a tinted moisturizer instead.

3 Beauty Essentials I’m Loving

A $10 retinoid? Yep! Here are three beauty essentials I use all the time and love, plus the next three products I’m going to try next.

My Week with Elizabeth Arden

Early Tuesday morning I caught a flight to one of my favorite cities, Charleston, for a trip with Elizabeth Arden. I’d been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks and I have to say that it FAR exceeded my expectations!

Four Lipsticks I’m Loving for Fall

It’s officially time to switch over your beauty drawer from Summer to Fall! These four Fall lip colors will kickstart your Autumn beauty routine and keep your lips extra kissable all season long. 

4 Perfumes That Won’t Give You a …

If you are anything like me then, perfume has been a total headache! Literally and figuratively, but today I’m sharing my top 4 favorite perfumes that will keep you feeling like a lady, without having to reach for the Tylenol!

Drug Store Beauty: Glowy Makeup Tutorial

Glowy makeup is always in and so is drugstore beauty! This tutorial combines the two. Hop on over for a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this look in under 10 minutes!