Empties: Beauty Products I’ve Loved Down …

I test beauty products for a living and there are MANY great ones out there worth talking about. Yet I keep coming back to these 8. These are my A-team, the ones I re-order every time.

Loose Wave Tutorial – Links & Products

This week’s tutorial is all about how I achieve those undone waves lots of people have been asking about on Instagram.

What’s in My Bag – Beauty Essentials

How I’ve fixed rogue bra straps, fallen hems, gapping shirts, and a broken belt buckle on the go!  Start carrying these 12 things I never leave home without and you’ll never have a fashion emergency again!

How to Get Long Lashes

An eyelash enhancing serum that actually works? Here’s a short review of one of the truly indispensable products I use daily that helped me finally achieve lush lashes (without getting extensions)!

Cat Eye Tutorial – Links & Products

From my Instagram Stories “Cat Eye” Tutorial (link inside), all products I talk about and everything I’m wearing is linked here.

How I Organized My Beauty Drawer

How long should you tolerate a messy makeup drawer? The answer is not long at all and here’s everything I used to organize my vanity drawers, including the scary before and after photos!

Two Day Hair Tutorial – Links & Products

All the links to the Two Day Hair Tutorial I posted to Instagram Stories. The tutorial is linked in the post along with where to find all the products I use. Enjoy!

My New Foundation & Tinted Moisturizer

Foundation and tinted moisturizer are the absolute soul of my beauty routine. I recently started using a new foundation, so here’s a review of it, plus when I choose to wear a tinted moisturizer instead.