The Real Question: What Order Do You …

Have you ever wondered what’s the correct order to apply your skincare? Because I have and only recently did I find the answer. Here’s my step-by-step guide to skincare done the right way.

Let’s Get A Skincare Routine

I keep getting asked about my skincare routine, so today’s post is extremely relevant. Here are a few of my top recommended skincare products you shouldn’t go without! Plus, there’s something FREE in it for you today.

Whip Your Hair Into Shape!

If you’ve had more bad hair days than good recently, listen up! Here’s how I make my hair feel full, bouncy, and shiny again after a long week of dry shampoo, hairspray, and heat!

Lorac Unzipped Unfiltered Palette Tutorial – (Full Video)

A few weeks ago I received this sparkly pink palette (only $25!!) in the mail from Lorac, and instantly fell in love. Here’s a short video tutorial of the look!

Empties: Beauty Products I’ve Loved Down …

I test beauty products for a living and there are MANY great ones out there worth talking about. Yet I keep coming back to these 8. These are my A-team, the ones I re-order every time.

Loose Wave Tutorial – Links & Products

This week’s tutorial is all about how I achieve those undone waves lots of people have been asking about on Instagram.

What’s in My Bag – Beauty Essentials

How I’ve fixed rogue bra straps, fallen hems, gapping shirts, and a broken belt buckle on the go!  Start carrying these 12 things I never leave home without and you’ll never have a fashion emergency again!

How to Get Long Lashes

An eyelash enhancing serum that actually works? Here’s a short review of one of the truly indispensable products I use daily that helped me finally achieve lush lashes (without getting extensions)!