If You Are Going to Buy White …

These are the best white jeans. In a moment of desperation, I ordered them online. I was pleasantly surprised and now they’re my go-to white denim.

Lilly Pulitzer x Goop: Your Favorite New …

I haven’t sported a bright Lilly Pulitzer dress in quite a while and was really missing it. When I saw the Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow) x Lilly Pulitzer collaboration, it put me over the top. It came in last Friday and here’s all you need to know!

The “Bordstrom” Sale

Bordstrom – Is that or is it not a spelling error? There’s only one way to find out! Today I’m sharing with you 10, ONLY 10, items that I have, use, and will repurchase during the sale. Friends, this is just the basics.

Shop The Look: Polka Dot Dresses Under $75

Who doesn’t love a polka dot dress?! Ladylike and lovely! Click through for 10 of my favorite dotted frocks dresses.

The New Uniform

My new Summer uniform is here. I’m leaning in to the t-shirt and shorts look, which is a big step for me! All the details on this look and more are inside!

July 4th Sales: 3 Ready Looks – Under $100

4th of July sales are in full swing and not to be missed! In stead of just listing out each sale, I’ve put together three cute looks drawing from some of the best sales out there. Everything is under $50 or $100 from shops you already love and some that might surprise you!

Finally Glasses that are Cute & Affordable!

I just picked up a couple new pairs of glasses. For me, buying glasses has always been a less than pleasant experience – it was always costly and hard to find styles I actually liked. Today that problem is solved! Check out my latest specs and be amazed at how little I actually paid!

Summer’s Easiest Accessory

Shopping for vintage fashion accessories is one of my favorite hobbies, especially collecting vintage scarves like this one. So today I’m spilling one of the BEST places to shop for all things vintage, plus more on my love of vintage scarves!