Shoe Brand You Need To Know About!

Imagine a former foot doctor with amazing fashion sense launches a company to provide beautiful yet comfortable shoes for women…Here’s all about exactly that, and the most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned.

The Little Pink Jacket!

It’s that awkward time of year where you just really aren’t sure which season you should be dressing for. It’s still a little chilly in the South some days, and up North it’s a frozen tundra… but it’s kind of Spring, almost, so are we still wearing all black since it’s technically still Winter?! I honestly have no idea. And when you live in Florida, there are, like, zero rules.

The Perfect Fit

I seriously dread the in store “bra fitting” experience, so when I heard about a way to get the perfect fit every time from the privacy of my closet, I said sign me up!

The Bodysuit You’ll Love

Flattering and flirty, body suits are back and better than ever! This is one clothing item everyone needs in their closet, and here’s one worth scooping up.

The Sneakers I’m Always Wearing + $40 off!

Who else has a hard time finding comfortable tennis shoes? Enter these sneakers I picked up just before my NYC trip last week, they are SO COMFORTABLE.

Here are all the details my new shoes, plus the brand was kind enough to offer a generous discount code!

Head Over Heels For Embroidered Flowers

When I saw this top I literally flipped! It’s a bit of a nostalgic throwback to my childhood when I couldn’t get enough embroidered florals in my life. Now that I’ve grown up, so has this look (without losing any of its charm)!

Easy Winter Dressing

Sometimes when it’s inordinately cold outside you are compelled to try new things, like wearing over the knee boots. Here’s why I’ll be wearing them again, and you should too!

Favorites from the Tuckernuck Sale

Tuckernuck is one of my most beloved brands and they are having a BIG sale. Here are 8 of my favorites from the sale, plus a few linked items I own and wear almost every day! If you’ve never tried Tuckernuck, you should start today!