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Happy Friday, friends! I figured it was time for a good old fashioned brain dump, especially after yesterday’s post. Plus, these posts always end up being my favorite so… here we go!


Shopping at ASOS : I’m obsessed with shopping at ASOS. If you’ve never shopped at ASOS before, you have got to start. It’s hands down one of my very favorite places to shop online. They have EVERYTHING, literally everything, and so many unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Now, I know that ASOS can seem overwhelming, but you have to just get in and get out. What I love most – They have amazing, Free 2-day shipping (you pay $19 a year, and well worth every penny) and free returns. It’s like Amazon Prime, but so much better. The only thing you need to watch out for is sizing. I always read what the model is wearing and adjust accordingly. And since the returns are so easy, if I’m questioning sizes, I’ll just order 2. People, I need you to get on board!

2Striped Sweater: This is my latest ASOS find and I’m obsessed with it. It’s incredibly soft, doesn’t loose it’s shape, and hugs in all the right places. Plus it’s long enough to tuck in! The only thing I’d watch out for is that the neck hole isn’t super stretchy, so put the sweater on and then do your hair to avoid smooshing it. I’m wearing a US size 6 (in J.Crew I wear an xs top for comparison). I promise you’ll love this one.

3iPhone XS: I got the new iPhone this week and it is changing my life. We have a family joke to always keep electronics away from me because I destroy them so quickly. I think there’s something literally in my body chemistry that ruins electronics. I can’t keep anything working for very long. This past week the camera finally stopped working on my iPhone 7+ and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’d been living without a speaker, a screen that was barely touch sensitive, and a video camera that was no longer recording. It was time. But I’m seriously so excited about it! If you are debating on wether or not to upgrade, DO. IT. So worth it. Everything is better.

Wireless Charging Station – Now that I have the new iPhone, I got grabby at the apple store with all the trinkets that could go along with it like the wireless charging station. I’m ALWAYS letting my phone die so I think this would be kind of the bet thing ever. Thinking about telling Santa it’s what I want for Christmas.

5 Color Blocked Dress – On Monday morning I got a little click happy shopping Blair Eadie’s new collection at Nordstrom and wound up with this dress in two colors! I only meant to get one but I was clicking so fast trying to make sure I checked out before it was sold out that I ended up with two! They both come in next week so we will see which one wins, but I am OBSESSED with the colors, fits, and fabric. Very Mad Men don’t you think?! Also, perfect for holiday parties!

6 Natural Deodorant – Guys I need help. I’ve been trying out natural deodorants for the past few months and I am getting so frustrated. I haven’t found one I like and it makes me want to give up the search completely. I realize that natural deodorants don’t have an antiperspirant agent, so how am I supposed to make the switch when I live in Florida?  Plus, let’s be honest, I’m a highly anxious person. Sweating is just a part of my daily life. I need advice! If you have any, please send it my way! I saw an ad on instagram yesterday for Myro, have you heard of it?! Thinking about giving it a try!

New Book – Limelight: A Novel – I just started reading this book over the past week and I am loving it so far! It’s so cute and I would highly recommend getting it on audible, the narrator is so good! Just a fun in-the-car-while-running-errands listen. I think you’ll like it!

8 The Dry Shampoo Holy Grail – If I were to take one item with me to a deserted island it would be this dry shampoo. I am legitimately obsessed with it and have no idea how I did life so long without it. The smell is fresh and not overly perfume-y.  The texture isn’t too powdery either. I’m telling you, it’s perfect. If you haven’t tried you, make it your next hair product purchase. There is nothing like it.

9 The Movie – A Star is Born – Have you seen it?! I’ve heard nothing but AH-MAZING things and that it may just be an Oscar contender this year! Lady Gaga + Bradley Cooper, how much talent can you cram into one movie?? I’m putting this on my fun list for the weekend.

Okay, I think that’s it for now.. what’s on your brain this Friday!?



  1. October 26, 2018 / 9:53 am

    I’ve recently tried Lumē and it’s been my favorite so far. The other one that gets rave reviews but I haven’t tried yet is Primally Pure’s natural deodorant.

    • Ashley Brooke
      November 1, 2018 / 10:06 am

      Sara! Thank you for your recommendation! Love hearing that you’ve found one you like… adding it to my list!

    • Ashley Brooke
      November 1, 2018 / 10:07 am

      Jamie! First of all, I love that name, so funny! And second of all, thank you for the recommendation! Adding it to my list ASAP! xx- AB

  2. Brianna Rooney
    October 29, 2018 / 4:46 pm

    Love this dump! So natural deodorant is TOUGH! I’ve tried $5 ones and $25 ones. Schmidts worked for a little but I just grabbed Love Beauty and Planet (newer brand at Target) and it smells amazing and I don’t smell by the end of the day. I am super sweaty and especially an anxious sweater and by the time I was leaving client meetings, I smelled terrible. Give it a try (it’s under $10).

    • Ashley Brooke
      November 1, 2018 / 10:10 am

      Ha! Thanks Brianna! I love a good brain dump. also, thank you for the recommendation – adding this to my list ASAP! You’re the best! x

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