Blogging Etiquette: For Those Who Comment & Blog Pt. 3

This is the third installment (and the last, don’t worry!) of “Blogging Etiquette”.
Hopefully this will be helpful for those who comment and blog.

For Both

  • Bear in mind your reputation. Even if you’re blogging or commenting under a pseudonym, there are possibilities that you will be found out one day. Blogs are not dispensable. Even after you’ve long deleted that embarrassing photo of your prom night, someone might just be able to dig it up years later on the Wayback Machine – that big bad Internet archive in the ‘sphere.
  • There will always be differing opinions to yours. Remember to always respect other’s views and opinions. If you want to share your own, do so in a mature debate. But bear in mind that you don’t need to change that person’s viewpoint.

If that’s too many things to remember, just keep in mind these 3Rs – Be Responsible, Respect the person behind the other keyboard, and Relax. Open your mind, and you will enjoy the blogsphere’s endless possibilities.


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