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I think at this point it can go without mention, but after the year Ryan has had, the fact that his hair is still in-tact is an actual miracle. During chemo he lost quite a bit of hair – I’d say at least half, if not more – but the fact that his hair was so thick helped it look like he had a lot more than he actually did!

He was always fine with shaving his head, but in the end we were thankful he didn’t end up having to. But, with all that said, you can imagine how bad of shape the hair he had left was in.

We’ve taken extra measures these past few months to help get his whole body, not just his hair, nourished again. And it’s been so fun seeing not only his energy come back, but also his hair! For a while there his hair was growing in like CRAZY and now after this last hair cut, I think it’s finally all back to one length. It really is crazy what our bodies can do!!

Anyway, as you can see, hair has been a constant topic in our house hold. Ha! And we’ve been thrilled to find a few products that not only work for Ryan’s hair but products that he loves so I’ll let him tell you a little bit about them…

My (Ryan) first introduction to Harry’s was a shave kit (with engraved initials on the handle) given to me as a gift at Christmas. I loved the personalized touch and every Harry’s product I’ve bought since (there have been many) has felt like less of a mandatory toiletry expense and more like self-indulgence. I’ve been a fan of not only the form-meets-function quality of Harry’s products, but also the reasonable price points.

Enter Harry’s Hair Care products. I’ve used a texturizing putty for the last 10 years, so I was thrilled to see Harry’s introduce a medium hold, matte finish styling putty that does exactly what I need. I don’t have a lot of natural body to my hair, so I style it daily. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning. I go for tidy and combed back look, but that’s not so stiff that I can’t run my hand through my hair. The matte finish putty holds for an entire day and lets me reshape as often as I need to.

A few other reasons made me a fast convert to Harry’s texturizing putty.

There’s a convenience factor in knowing I easily can restock by buying right on or in-store. The alternative used to be driving across town in search of an “approved” salon/barber shop that sold what I needed. Then there’s the price point. Coming in at $12, it’s nearly half the cost of other styling putties I’ve used. I was immediately impressed with the affordability of it. Harry’s texturizing putty keeps its promise of well styled hair, has the perfect price point, and is formulated without all the “bad stuff” (parabens, sulfates, animal testing). To me, there’s no contest!


If you are looking for a great gift for your best guy, or just needing to re-stock the shower, check out Harry’s new hair care line at! Because if we know one thing, he’s always happier when his hair looks good!

Photography by Kirk Robert



  1. Amelia
    August 20, 2019 / 9:13 am

    YALL. ARE. SO. CUTE! Gahhhhh!!!

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