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Mar 14, 2014

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Lovely Finds : Jazz Up Your Workout!

Good morning and happy Friday to you!! Today I wanted to chat about jazzin’ up your workout clothes! So here’s the deal, I’ve been literally going through every single drawer in my house and donating old things like it’s my j-o-b. And my workout clothes saw the worst of my donating hand. I realized that I have not really purchased new running clothes in, like, YEARS, and it was time… actually, it was probably time a few years ago, but that’s here nor there! So what I did last weekend was raid the Gap. I purchased a handful of their basics (capris, hoodies, etc… the whole deal!).  But, as always my ABD Work It tank is my go-to “statement” gym look. Like you know, the girl at the gym who wears the crazy psychedelic pants, or the girl who wears the shorty shorts?!?… I am officially the girl who wears the Work It tank, and it feels so good! You need one ASAP!

// Hoodie, Pants, Sports Bra, Water Bottle, Shoes //

We want to see how you’re wearing ABD! Hashtag #workitinABD on Instagram or Twitter to show off your ABD style! Each month, our favorites get a little something fancy to add to their ABD collection. Ready, Set, Work It!

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  1. I’m absolutely loving this workout combo! Who couldn’t feel beautiful & strong in that outfit?! Thanks for sharing!

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