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Coffee Shops


Coffee shops we are dying to try!

I’m not sure if I am the only one, but when I am traveling somewhere I always try to find the cutest coffee shop! There is something about drinking a fancy latte in the prettiest coffee shop in a fun city. Pinterest always seems to be full of a never ending list of cute spots. I’ve researched some that are on the top of my list to go to, and I thought I would share them with you!

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5 Favorite Instagram Accounts!


What I’m Double Tapping!

Instagram is a big part of our business, but is also such a huge creative outlet for me. I tend to “workshop” out ideas to try new themes for ABD and create images that inspire me. But, I also follow along and find so much inspiration from others! I thought I’d share my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, prepare your heart because they are truly all over the map, but I thought it would be fun!

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15 Books I’ve Recently Read

blogger Ashley Brooke reviews the last 15 books she's read


Thoughts, Comments, and Recommendations

There is nothing quite like a new book, and I am ALWAYS on the hunt for my next new favorite! So, I thought I’d share a few recent books I’ve read just incase you too are on the lookout for something new. Also, this is a two way street, so I’m fully expecting to hear what you are reading and loving in the comments below, so don’t by shy! Okay, here we go…

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Books On Books!


Let’s Get Back To It!

For a while there I was on a great little reading spree. Any down time I had I’d pick up a book and get lost in the story line, but lately its all Gilmore Girls ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. It’s bad. To be fair I had never seen the show and after a few episodes during a flight layover I was HOOKED, but I haven’t picked up a book since. It’s been a few months and I am literally like 15 episodes away from finishing my beloved show (DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME!) and I have promised myself that when I do, it’s back to books! So to entice myself away from the Netflix glow I scooped up a few new books last weekend while we were at the Oxford Exchange and I am so excited to dive in.

Hop on over for the details!

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The Inside Scoop: Where I Buy My Flowers


Flower Heaven!

I receive a lot of e-mails each day from readers with questions about things seen and talked about on the ABD blog or social media.  They vary from “How did you start  ABD?” (here’s an interview) to “What’s your favorite lipstick color?” (right now it’s this!) to my personal favorite, “What kind of dog is Lucy?” (she’s a Yorkipoo)! 

But the one question I get over and OVER and OOOOOVER again is,

“Where do you buy your flowers?”

Well, friends, today is your lucky day! I’m spilling the beans on my go-to for all things floral.

But first a little back story…. 

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Mimosas + My Favorite People = Team ABD Brunch


Brunching With The Best!

Today I am so excited to share with you a peek at our Team ABD Brunch from last week. To say it was one of my favorite days would be a complete understatement. I love these girls so much, how hard they work, and how much they believe in the heart behind ABD. It was so amazing to have them all in our home to shower them with love and champagne.

On top of the brunch I spill all the details on Draper James’ new Brunch Collection, where to get wholesale Flowers in Central Florida, & more. Enjoy!

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Tips & Tricks: The Busy Girl Manicure!

Ashley Painting her Nails with Revlon "Card Shark"

Happy Plugs headphones // Revlon Nailpolish in “Card Shark”
ABD Busy Busy Buys Coffee Mug


Type and Dry!

A couple weeks ago I Snap-chatted an image of my “busy girl manicure” and got quite few questions about it so I thought I would do a little blog post on one of my very favorite life hacks!

To be honest with you, I feel like there is pretty much NEVER a good time to paint your nails. I mean, when do you ever have an idle hour to have them sit and dry? NEVER. 

Which leads me to my lightbulb moment….

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Lovely Finds : My Summer Reading List


On My List

I love when Summer rolls around and the Summer novels start getting released! I’m hoping this season I will get the chance to dive back into reading. I know I’ve mentioned many times before that I am a loyal Audible subscriber and listen to books pretty much all day every day, but during the summer I like to ACTUALLY sit down and read a book, even if it is just on a plane!

Below are SIX books that I am already reading or that are on my “Summer Reads List”! What are on yours? I am always looking for a new book, so I’m dying to hear what you’ve got your nose in this Summer!


The Nest Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney and Cynthia D'Apriz Sweeney
Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

The Nest  // Eligible


The Nest: I am reading this one now, so far so good! I am only on chapter 4. 

Eligible: I just finished this book and at first I thought, I can’t stand this, but I ended up really getting into the story line towards the middle of the book!! 

Check out the post to see the other four books!


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