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Fancy Friends: FASHIONABLE

Blogger Ashley Brooke talks about her new favorite brand FAHIONable |


Beautiful Inside & Out

My sister-in-law, Hope, recently introduced me to a brand called Fashionable, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Fashionable is a company that is committed to creating jobs for women (both nationally and globally) who have overcome extreme situations ranging from prostitution to homelessness to addiction to a lack of opportunity. The products Fashionable designs and sells are made and manufactured by these amazing women, which means the company creates good, ethical, and sustainable jobs! It’s really quite amazing.

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Fancy Friends: Elyssa Bass

Blogger Ashley Brooke's New Favorite Jewelry Line: Elyssa Bass |


All That Glitters

You might be seeing Elyssa Bass’ name popping up all over my social channels lately, and it’s because I am officially obsessed. We met Elyssa while we were at Atlanta Mart in January, and we became fast friends from the get-go. We share the same showroom and our booths are right next to one another, so we had TONS of time to chat and get to know one another while we were there. And I’ve got to tell you, not only is Elyssa increadibly talented, but she’s seriously the nicest. I fell in love with her line and all that her brand was about and wanted nothing more than to share it with you!

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Fancy Friends: Lindroth Design

Blogger Ashley Brooke wearing a Lindroth Designs Island Bag |


Island Bag

A few months ago, I became obsessed with Island bags, like seriously obsessed. I was on the hunt for the perfect monogrammed tote, and even considered trying to make one myself, or better yet peer pressuring my crafty sister to do it for me! But after a ton of research (I’m serious, we needed these bags) I came accross Lindroth Design, and it was love at first sight. First off, who doesn’t like a Mary Poppins type bag that you can fit ALL YOUR THINGS in, and second of all.. look how cuuuute. 

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Fancy Friends: Cultivate What Matters

Blogger Ashley Brooke reviews Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters Products |


What’s On My Desk

Lara Casey, the founder of Cultivate What Matters, and I go WAAAAY back, like seven years ago back. I attended one of the original Making Things Happen conferences in Water Color, Florida and have kept up with Lara ever since. So when she came out with her PowerSheets a few years ago, I was totally on board. She’s a goal setting master mind, and couple that with her grounded faith… her goal planning outlines are pretty darn magical to say the least. 

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