Fancy Friends: Lindroth Design

Blogger Ashley Brooke wearing a Lindroth Designs Island Bag |


Island Bag

A few months ago, I became obsessed with Island bags, like seriously obsessed. I was on the hunt for the perfect monogrammed tote, and even considered trying to make one myself, or better yet peer pressuring my crafty sister to do it for me! But after a ton of research (I’m serious, we needed these bags) I came accross Lindroth Design, and it was love at first sight. First off, who doesn’t like a Mary Poppins type bag that you can fit ALL YOUR THINGS in, and second of all.. look how cuuuute. 

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Our New Cell Phone Cases Are HERE!


Which girl are you?!

If there’s a quiz in a magazine, you know we’re all finding our nearest pen and jumping onboard! Who doesn’t love guessing which girl they are before even answering the first question? So, we created our own little style quiz! Ready? It’s super fun! Are you Sassy, Preppy, Fancy, or Classic? Keep reading below to find out which of our new phone cases matches you best. Then, add to cart!

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3 of My Favorite Mascaras!

Blogger Ashley Brooke's 3 Favorites Mascaras |


Long Lashes Are Everything

Mascara is my favorite beauty product hands down. I have blonde eye lashes so I am very serious when it comes to mascara. It can’t be clumpy, flakey, or smudgy. It has to stay on all day (and in the humidity) and make my lashes look EXTRA long and extra dark. Mascara was the very first beauty product my mom let me wear, and I’ve been wearing it religiously ever since. Over the years, I’ve tried literally all the brands, but these three below are my most used and repurchased tubes of mascara of all time. 

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15 Books I’ve Recently Read

blogger Ashley Brooke reviews the last 15 books she's read


Thoughts, Comments, and Recommendations

There is nothing quite like a new book, and I am ALWAYS on the hunt for my next new favorite! So, I thought I’d share a few recent books I’ve read just incase you too are on the lookout for something new. Also, this is a two way street, so I’m fully expecting to hear what you are reading and loving in the comments below, so don’t by shy! Okay, here we go…

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Fancy Friends: Cultivate What Matters

Blogger Ashley Brooke reviews Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters Products |


What’s On My Desk

Lara Casey, the founder of Cultivate What Matters, and I go WAAAAY back, like seven years ago back. I attended one of the original Making Things Happen conferences in Water Color, Florida and have kept up with Lara ever since. So when she came out with her PowerSheets a few years ago, I was totally on board. She’s a goal setting master mind, and couple that with her grounded faith… her goal planning outlines are pretty darn magical to say the least. 

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Dry Shampoo is The BEST Shampoo

Blogger Ashley Brook's Review on L'Oreal's Dry Shampoo |


My New Best Friend

Sponsored by L’Oreal Paris 

I’ve been working with L’Oreal for about six months now, and my heart has loved every day of those six months because there is little I love more in life than beauty products. I truly believe it’s the little things that can really make you feel pretty, like a brighter shade of pink lipstick or a new brown pencil that has changed your brow game. So any time I get the opportunity to talk about beauty products I have found and loved, I want to tell you about them ASAP! 

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Let’s Workout: Meet Our Water Bottles!

Ashley Brooke Designs Best Day Ever 32oz Water Bottle -


Let’s make it our most fit year yet!

Who set new fitness goals on January 1?! There’s nothing like the fresh start of a new year to make us want to kick start new healthy habits, so everyone on #TeamABD has a new list of all the fit things for 2017. Do you know what pairs best with new goals? New gear! Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite workout things.

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