Phone Case Giveaway + Monogram Giveaway!



Oh yea, It’s Happening!

Seriously, I am getting ready to blow. your. mind. We are officially giving away F-O-U-R of our brand new phone cases (in just about any style and any size! See end of post!) AND custom monograms for all four. That means there will be two sets of winners, because we don’t want just you to win… we want you AND your bestie to win!! I know. It’s insane! 

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Jewlery Organizer



A Perfect Place for your Sparklers!

On Sunday evening I snap-chatted a photo of my jewelry organizer as I was organizing all of my sparkly things, and I was SHOCKED by how many of you snapped me back asking for the details! I tried my best to get back to everyone by sending them the links, but I figured I would just do a quick blog post on it so that you could have all the details in one place! 

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Minted Gallery Wall Saves The Day!



Gallery Wall Magic 

Okay, so… can we just talk about how romantic and magical gallery walls seem UNTIL YOU TRY AND DO ONE YOURSELF. Seriously though, WHY are they so hard?! Especially when Pinterest mocks you and makes you feel like you need an art wall in your house that is perfectly curated with the mix of new and old, trendy and weird, etc. etc… I mean honestly, where do you even start to try and pull that off? Thrift stores? Art galleries? Garage sales? Ebay? and not to mention, who has time for that?!

In all reality, I just want something pretty on my walls, and I hate to say it… but time is of the essence. And THAT my friends is where Minted comes in. 

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Style: Summer to Fall!



 All you need is a little lipstick! 

Fall is literally right around the corner (actually is 1 week away from today!) which means it’s officially time to switch up your look from Summer to Fall!

Now, before you freak out on me, let’s talk about some really easy ways to “Fall-up” your look with out investing in a whole new wardrobe!

Especially for those of us who are still living in 90 degree heat, the last thing we want to do is put on a pair of riding boots and cable knit sweater…. we are still wearing bikinis for heaven’s sake.

So here’s a genius plan you’ll want to see for yourself!

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Slow Fall Mornings

Ashley Brooke Designs - Macy's 2


Hot Coffee + Muted Florals 

It’s no secret that my love for coffee runs deep. I look forward to my morning and afternoon cup of coffee and I try my very best not to let anything get in the way of either of those things!

But I have to tell you that this whole morning coffee thing has been a bit of a struggle in our home recently and here’s why. My husband and I work together. We are literally in the same 10 x 10 room all day, but we still can’t get our coffee-drinking-time in sync. We’ve tried, seriously, we have…

but it’s been useless until recently…

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