Introducing ABD Phone Cases!!!!

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Fancy Talk!

It’s officially happening, they are officially here, and I am officially trying not to FREAK OUT. I am so incredibly excited to announce the launch of our ABD phone cases! We have FIVE, that’s right F-I-V-E designs that are available for the: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, i Phone 6+, Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy S7 in both a shell case and a bumper case! I know, it’s nuts.

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B’s Baby Shower!

Ashley Brooke Designs - Betsy's Baby Shower 5


It’s A Girl!

Over the weekend I threw Betsy, my bestie who just so happens to also be our wholesale and customer service director, a baby shower! Betsy is having her second baby girl (eek!) and I couldn’t have been any more excited to whip up a special day just for her. 

The shower turned out so lovely and the food ended up being amazing (I always get nervous about the food! I make Ryan taste everything, twice.) and she was showered with ALL of the monogrammed gifts a momma-to-be could ask for! It ended up just being the best day!

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ABD Does Palm Beach Lately’s Guide to Palm Beach!

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 Palm Beach Lately’s Map// ABD Too Legit Water Bottle// J.McLaughlin Scarf c/o // illesteva Sunnies


Palm Beach Done Right.

A few month ago Beth & Danielle from Palm Beach Lately and I started chatting about me coming down to Palm Beach to hang out for a weekend to experience Palm Beach their way! I was of course 100% on board with this idea, because um…. Palm Beach is fancy and I like to pretend that I am fancy… so we began planning one epic trip!

Take a peek inside for how to see what we were up to and how to plan the perfect Palm Beach vacation!

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… are officially here!!

Friends, I am so thrilled to share with you our brand new notebooks, notepads, and pencils! Each of these products have been a labor of love and I cannot TELL you how I excited I am to finally see them up on our shop! 

Each product went through MANY rounds of revisions to make sure that we had juuust the right color pink, that the gold foil was the exact color I was looking for, and that the paper was thick and easy to write on! I love each of these notebooks, notepads, and boxed pencil set so much and I hope that you do too! 

I love nothing more than desk accessories and at these price points (nothing is over $26!!) it’s a little everyday luxury that will make your to-do list and works space infinitely more fun! 

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Sprinkle Rimmed Coffee!

Ashley Brooke Deisgns - Sprinkle Rimmed Mug 2


Everything’s Better with Sprinkles. 

Let’s be real, it’s a fact that everything is legitimately better with sprinkles… it just is! So I’ve started a new tradition. On mornings where I feel like I need a full gallon of coffee to even THINK about starting my day, I will instead get out of bed, put my big girl pants on, and rim my coffee cup with sprinkles and get on with it! I pinky promise sprinkle rimmed coffee is magic. It will make every morning feel like your birthday, and there ain’t NOTHING wrong with that! Friends, if you haven’t rimmed your coffee with sprinkles you need to, today.  

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Ashley Brooke Designs - Palm Beach 2 -blog



Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend…

PHOTO 1: Palm Beach Magic

On Friday morning Ryan I and headed down to Palm Beach for a little fun in the sun! If you haven’t been to Palm Beach you need to stop what you are doing and book a trip right now. It’s the fanciest and most colorful place I’ve ever been and each time I go I fall more in love with the island! Everyone is always dressed to impress and the jewels are no joke. If you are into people watching, sipping fruity cocktails by the beach, and feeling fancy… then Palm Beach is the place for you! 


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Back to School Gifting!



School Supply Heaven

Even though my school days are over, my love for school supplies are definitely NOT. There is little I love more in life than school supplies and desk accessories, I even made a career out of it! Without fail, each year in August I start to crave new Sharpies, notebooks, and this year… a back pack (<– how cute is that?!)

My sister also shares my love for all things “back to school”. So every Fall we like to put together little “gift boxes” for each other with a few fun new supplies plus a gift card so the other can R-U-N to the nearest Target and buy all the glitter pens our hearts can handle! So this year, I thought I’d show you what I whipped up for her. 

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