Four Steps to The Perfect Cat Eye

Ashley Brooke showing the completed cat eye look


Perfecting the Look

Let me start by saying that applying eyeliner is not easy, so if you struggle please don’t think you’re the only one. For the Cat Eye look, drawing two perfectly symmetrical winged lines and then making your lashes look long and thick can be difficult and definitely takes practice.

But over the years I have perfected a system that works for me (thank goodness!).  A look that used to take me all morning I can now do in minutes! And I’m going to show you how to do it too!

Click over for 4 easy steps to the perfect cat eye!

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Vanilla Iced Coffee, At Home!

Ashley Brooke Designs - At Home Vanilla Iced Coffee7


A Tale of How I Became an Iced Coffee Devotee

If you follow me on Snapchat you might be seeing this reoccurring iced coffee situation happening, so I thought I would officially share with you my new afternoon obsession. Now, let me preface this by telling you that, historically, I hate iced coffee. I realize hate is a strong word, but honestly, coffee is meant to be hot, extra hot in fact. And making it cold is just all kinds of wrong. Until recently when I ate my words….

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Lovely Finds: #NSale 10 Under $200

Ashley Brooke Designs - #nsale


What You REALLY Need!

Unless you’ve been totally living under a rock, you’ve heard the news… the biggest and best sale of the year is here and it’s magical! Early access to the sale started last week (if you have a Nordtrom Debit or Credit Card you can get in!) and the sale will open up to everyone on the 22nd, so if you haven’t already scooped up your favorites, you need too! Because it’s really REALLY good.

Click on over to the full post to shop my favorite and most worn basics that are on MAJOR sale! —>

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At Home With ABD: Framed Hermès Scarf

Ashley Brooke Designs - Frame Bridge 4


Let’s Frame It!

This past Valentine’s Day Ryan surprised me with a beautiful vintage Hermès scarf. After my initial FREAK OUT over the beautiful gift I started to brainstorm how I could display it. I couldn’t bare the thought of it folded up in my closet, or collecting dust on my vanity, so we decided the only suitable thing would be to frame it! 

Click through to see how Framebridge helped make my framed scarf dreams come true! 

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What’s New In My Closet: Striped Shirt Dress

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Eliza J. Dress (on SUPER SALE) c/o // Jewlery Organizer 


Striped Shirt Dresses are Forever!

Let’s Take a Peek!

Today I want to show you a new little shirt dress that I recently got from Nordstrom and I am obsessed with! I originally bought it with the intention to wear it on the Fourth of July, but since we spent the day on the lake… it didn’t seem like the most appropriate attire! Ha! Nonetheless, it has since become a staple, and I have already worn it twice (here’s proof!). But let’s be real, a striped dress is really all any of our closets need! 

Click on over to see 2 easy ways to style this pretty little thing!

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The Inside Scoop: Where I Buy My Flowers

Ashley Brooke Designs - Wholesale Flowers of Orlando 6


Flower Heaven!

I receive a lot of e-mails each day from readers with questions about things seen and talked about on the ABD blog or social media.  They vary from “How did you start  ABD?” (here’s an interview) to “What’s your favorite lipstick color?” (right now it’s this!) to my personal favorite, “What kind of dog is Lucy?” (she’s a Yorkipoo)! 

But the one question I get over and OVER and OOOOOVER again is,

“Where do you buy your flowers?”

Well, friends, today is your lucky day! I’m spilling the beans on my go-to for all things floral.

But first a little back story…. 

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