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Apr 18, 2014

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Lovely Finds: Happy Good Friday!

Good Friday Via Ashley Brooke Designs

Good morning and happy Good Friday to you! Easter is one of my favorite holidays–I love Sunrise Easter services, Easter dresses, Easter egg shaped Reese’s Cups, Easter bunnies… you name it, Easter is my jam. So I thought before all the celebrating and family goodness that is about ready to consume my weekend, I would take a few minuets to jot down a few things I am grateful for this Easter. I do this just about every morning (as you might have read here) but today, being Good Friday, I wanted to really think about this verse, and all of His goodness. Happy Easter Friends! I hope your weekend is filled with all kinds of magical wonder (and egg shaped Reese’s Cups!!).



Apr 17, 2014

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ABD’s Fancy Friends: Charming Damsel

Charming Damsel via Ashley Brooke Designs

Today’s Fancy Friends is all about Charming Damsel and their adorable turban! I love a good headband (call me Blair Waldorf), but I think a headband can really just finish a look and I just LOVE Charming Damsel’s “twist” (no pun intended!) on the classic headband with their oh-so-adorbale turban. They are so comfortable, which is huge when wearing some sort of hair accessory–flashbacks of me crying as a little girl from a big frilly headband haunt me every time I wear a hair accessory–so, comfortable? Check! Adorable? Check! And, a great gift for your girlfriend? Check! So, stop what you are doing and go get yourself one… or two!

P.S. This is my favorite of theirs right now… so Spring-y and fun!!


Apr 16, 2014

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Online Shop // FREE SHIPPING on Sale Items!

Free Shipping via Ashley Brooke Designs

This is nuts! And something that we kind of never do, but we have new stock coming in… like SO much new gold foil-y hot pink goodness that we have got to make some room! So, today only, everything that is on sale has free shipping!! But, if I were you I’d HURRY and stock up on those gifts!! Also, just as an FYI, shop fast… very limited quantities of each item left!!


So exciting!! Happy Shopping!!


Apr 15, 2014

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{New Custom Illustration} My Very Own Stationery!!

Ashley Brooke Designs Stationery

Okay, so you know that saying about the Cobbler’s son having no shoes… well, it remains true for the stationer not having her own stationery, because seriously who has time for that?! Anyways, one of my BIG goals for this year is getting our new website finished, along with brand spankin’ new collateral and stationery for this girl! So, I made it a point to carve out some time to seriously work on a few things for myself, since my answer to “do you have a business card?!” has been “No, but I’ll give you a hug and text you my e-mail address!” Which let’s be honest… isn’t really the best business practice! So, without further adieu, my very own stationery (and business cards)! I am SO excited. And now my thank you note writing experience is even better than it was before! And that gold foil magical-ness gets me every time! I love it!

P.S. Does the flower illustration look familiar?! ;)

P.P.S. This is also a little sneak preview of our new site… I am dying, just dying for it to be finished!

Interested in your own custom illustration/brand collateral?! Contact us here!


Apr 14, 2014

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My Weekend Lookbook: April 12-13, 2014

tennies via Ashley Brooke Designs

Good morning and happy Monday to you! Here is just a peek at what I was up to this weekend…

Photo 1: New kicks! I finally (begrudgingly) ordered myself a pair of new running shoes… after staring at these on Pinterest for like a year! I am one of those crazy people that puts WAY too many miles on my shoes and then holds onto them in fear of the new shoes not being like my old shoes–which is true, because they are always better! Anyways, I ordered these from Zappos last week and they came in just in time to take them out for a weekend run!

Apple Juice Bottle via Ashley Brooke Designs

Photo 2: They have been renovating my Publix, which has proven to be stressful as of late when you just need to figure out where they’ve moved the avocados to… but in regards to the renovated floral department, they are really killing it (exhibit A, exhibit B)! I picked these little beauties up this weekend and put them in an old apple juice jar… it’s embarrassing how happy this little arrangement makes me. There really isn’t anything better than fresh flowers.

Lilly Pulitzer Necklace via Ashley Brooke Designs

Photo 3: I sported this new gem to dinner with friends on Friday night, and every time I wear it I get like one billion compliments! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live life without this necklace; not sure how I’ve been surviving all of these years! It was recently gifted to me and has by far made it to the top of accessories… honestly, I think I’ve worn it 6 times since it was given to me last week. Best gift ever?! I think so.

I hope your weekend was equally as lovely, but for now I am off to go get this week started! Cheers to an extra fabulous and productive week!! xx


Apr 11, 2014

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Lovely Finds: (Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Sugar Free) Chai Tea Latte

Chi Tea Latte via Ashley Brooke Designs

Good morning and happy Friday to you! A few weeks ago I posted an instagram of Chai Tea Lattes that I made for the girls in the studio that day, and a lot of you had questions on how I whipped up such a yummy concoction! So I thought I’d share!

A few months back I told you that I needed to stop eating sugar completely for 3 months and do a little “reset” in hopes that my headaches would go away… and guess what, they did! But when I started doing some research on my new way of eating, I found out even though I really don’t have a sweet-tooth, there were a few things in my regular diet that had surprisingly a lot of sugar. Ahem… Starbucks, I’m looking at you and your Chai Tea Lattes with FORTY EIGHT GRAMS OF SUGAR…. WHAAAA?!?!?!?!? Anyways, as you can tell, my favorite drink of choice became quickly out of the question and that’s when I got creative! This is literally the world’s easiest thing ever. And if you are dairy free, you can easily swap out skim milk for coconut milk or almond milk! Coconut milk frothes better than almond… just as an FYI!

1. Steep your Chai Tea (I use Bigelow Vanilla Chai) in hot water for 4 mins.

2. While tea is steeping… steam and froth skim milk (I use this nifty frother!)

3. Remove tea bag, and pour in steamed milk and foam

4. Top off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg

* P.S. And, if you want your tea to taste extra special… you are going to need one of these!


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